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Toyota Avanza Car Accessories

To reduce Toyota Avanza bumpy ride (Rear Absorber)




I came across a website which claims this absorber product helps to reduce the Toyota Avanza bumpy ride, there is no prove to it's claim but the absorber cost only RM 430.00.


The product distinctive features is the diameter (45 mm) is bigger than normal Toyota Avanza in order to provide better support to rear portion of Toyota Avanza thus gives a comfortable ride.


Click here to visit the Avanza GAB Sport Absorber website. 


A new e-commerce website to buy Toyota Avanza accessories




A good attempt by one of the local Malaysia company to sell Toyota Avanza accessories on the Net. The local company is Auto Omega and this company sells wide varieties of Toyota Avanza accessories ranging from genuine to non-genuine. (Not many auto accessories shop willing to tell which is Avanza Accessories is genuine or non-genuine)


So why wait, come and visit their website at, you may find the accessories that you looking for.

Where is the transparency of a Malaysia Company?

Well, recently I called up a car accessories company to enquire on Toyota Avanza accessories which I got the phone number from their website. I managed to contact the company and enquire the price of the product, the first reply I got from them is where do you get this phone number, can you imagine that a company which publish the phone number on the website and the employees seem not aware of it.

The interesting part, I need to call a salesperson via mobile number given by the company to enquire the product price, I be wondering why in the first place put up the phone number at the website for the public to call in.

Finally, I managed to contact the salesperson, I couldn't get the actual price, I often got the answer few hundred something, he won't give the actual price, where is the transparency!

Look at this website by an Indonesian company provides a list of price list of Toyota Avanza Accessories.

Good Praises for V-kool product:

The following are the benefits of V-Kool product:

  • 70% Visible Light Transmission
    This product is so clear that it is being installed in the Front Windshield of Automobiles

  • 55% Total Solar Energy Rejected
    Over the heat from the sun is reflected prior to entering your building or home.

  • 8% Visible Light Reflectance
    1% LESS reflective than clear glass itself. This provides visibility both inside and out, during the day or night.

  • 99% Ultraviolet Rejection
    The stopping of the UV rays from the sun prevents fading of merchandise, window coverings and fixtures on the interior of the buildings.

  • 1.37 Luminous Efficacy
    The ratio of daylight transmission to solar heat transmission, which passes through a glazing system. The higher this number the better it indicates how much of the transmitted solar energy is useful visible light rather than heat.

Official website of V-Kool is at

Check out this website by Shamsul Auto offer wide varieties of Toyota Avanza Accessories:


A few of the Toyota Avanza products from Shamsul Auto.


Pictures source from Shamsul Auto website.


Click here to view the the detail list of Toyota Avanza products.  

Do you know there is a place in Port Klang that offers great Toyota Avanza Accessories ?

The name of car accessories outlet is Port Klang 4X4 Accessories and the outlet is at the following address:
Port Klang 4X4 Accessories

Lot 6330, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa,

41200 Port Klang,

Selangor Darul Ehsan,



or you guys may prefer to call-up to get a quote, the contact persons as follows:


Tel: 03-31678286 / 03-31676286

HP: 012-2298268 (Mr. Lim)

HP: 012-3624684 (Mr. Tan) 

Looking Toyota Avanza Body Kit Accessories?
Now the offer is RM1300.00 only! Not looking for body kit? Don't worry, we have other accessories as well for your Toyota Avanza such as:

Door Visor, Trunk Lid Moulding, Tail Lamp Cover, Mudflat, Pillar Cover, Side Mirror Cover, Door Handle Cover, Sill Panels, Number Plate Cover, Cargo Tray, Front Bumper Guard

Please visit us at:
555, Jln 20
Tmn Perindustrian Ehsan Jaya
52100, Kepong, KL.

Tel: 03-62751266
HP: 012-3266012 (Ms. Saw)

Toyota Avanza Car Accessories List


The following is a list of great Toyota Avanza accessories website links. Feel free to browse the website links to search useful information about Toyota Avanza accessories , if you have interesting website link that you wish to share, you may e-mail me at for it to be added in the website list.