So, I got this truck about 2 days before I turned 16.  Burned out an alternator the next night in my woods.  It began like that, all kinds of problems and stuff, like 7 alternators, 8 batteries, 3 regulators, etc... until I went to a Painless Wiring deal and set it up for a GM charging system.  I dropped in a 2.0 crate motor with a torque cam and switched headers.  Life was good til the tranny blew.  I swapped it over to a 5 speed.  I blew a rear end shortly thereafter and went 4.88 rear with a Detroit.  Never switched the front until I went 5.29 and rebuilt the outers on the front axle for the third time.  Got the 38" TSLs and Eaton rims from National tire and wheel, one RIM had a leak in the seam weld and they sent me the wrong color so I was pissed.  This pic isn't current, either.  It's taller now and has the front bumper back on.  Anyway, so I sold the crate motor to a freind who desperately needed it and built up a pretty cool powerplant.  I started with a 1983 22R because they have dual-row timing, better rod:stroke ratio, and open chamber head.  And because I had one sitting around.  So Scott at Reed Auto Machine did the machine work for the .020 over cylinders, Pete lapped the oversized stainless valves in and some new guides.  After polishing, the crank was sent with all the rotating assembly to Perpetual Balance to get the rods shotpeened and balance the whole mess.  I got it home, put in the Sealed Power/Speed Pro parts and finished the shortblock quickly.  I port-matched the head to an Offy intake that now holds up a Holley 4-Barrel.  I polished the combustion chambers to a mirror to eliminate hot spots (won't ping with 57 degrees timing advance on 87 octane so believe me, it works!) and indexed some Splitfire plugs.  The cam is a 272 Duration, .444 lift lumpy bastard.  Schneider comp valve springs keep it all together with no float at 7000 rpm.  Beautiful.  The header is a Northwest Offroad Tri-Y that feeds a Dynomax pipe.  Again, this was port matched.  I built the snorkle, but you can't see it in this pic yet!!!  Anyway, thanks for reading and if you ever have a toy question, e-mail me at