This is the Sneak Preview Episode II set that was released March 2002. These are not easy to find so if you see any of these don't pass them up. The set inclused Jango Fett, Clone Trooper, Zam Wessell, and R3-T7.
--Celebration II--

Celebration II was held in Indianapolis May 3-5 2002. Only 26,000 were made.
Jorg Sacul is actuall George Lucas. Lucas is spelled backwards. Take off his helmet and you get George himself.
This Luke Skywalker and Micromachine set were made available to select movie theaters for the opening of the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition. These were given out as you entered the theater.
This is the Classic Edition 4-Pack. It was released in 1999 with  new release of the Power of the Force figures.
This is very rare!
Darth Maul 12".
Very rare.
This skiff was made from the mold of the original Skiff from the 80's.
This set was a Target Stores Exclusive.
R2-D2 with Holographic Leia.
Very short run, very rare.
Luke Skywalker from Jedi with the  
brown vest. This figure was first released like this for a short run. Then the vest was
changed to its correct color, black.
When the new Power of the Force line was released, Darth Vade, Skywalker, and O-B Wan came with light sabers that were not to scale. Kenner quickley changed the problem by shortening the light sabers. They did not make the plastic tray in the packaging shorter right away so there's some figures flowting around with long trays and short light sabers.
Han Solo--mail order
Spirit of Obi-Wan --mail order
Cantina Band Member--mail order
-mail order-
-mail order-
-mail order-
B' Omarr Monk--mail order
To the left of the screen are 5 of rarest St Wars figures ever made. Luke Skywalker with telescoping lightsaber. Snaggletooth with long legs and in his blue suit. The Jawa with the plastic cape. Yak Face released only in Australia. Amanaman from Jaba the Hutt's dungoen.
12" Princess Leia