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I am a teacher at Chaparral High School in Parker, Colorado. I currently hold a I.L.T. in Library Media and a B.A. in History.  I also hold Colorado Endorsement in Library Media - grades 6-12, Special Education Liscensure ages 5-21, and Social Studies Liscensure grades 6-12.  Webqwests are a fun and exciting way to research and learn from the internet.  This site will be updated periodically as I increase my webqwest library.

Enjoy Webqwests on:
"Downriver" by Will Hobbs is about a group of kids who are part of a juvenile outdoor education program.  It is set on the Colorado River and is an exciting tale of the groups' journey.
Teaching the story Downriver by: Will Hobbs

In teaching Geography it is important to teach about environmental issues.  This qwest is designed to raise student awareness on threats to the rainforests.  It also gives students resources on how they can help save the rainforests.
Teaching students how to help save the Rainforests

Wars play a large part in the history of mankind.  Explore many different wars that occurred all over the world through this webqwest.
Teaching Students about: Wars on Planet Earth

The John F. Kennedy assassination was a terrible moment in American History.  Complete this webqwest and watch video footage of the assassination and explore the theories revolving around Kennedy's mysterious death.
Teaching students about: Who Killed John F. Kennedy?
Some may say, 'Nothing happened in the1970's and 1980's'.  This is completely wrong.  A lot of things happened in that 20 years.  Visti this website and explore some of those events.
Teaching students about: The 1970's and 1980's

Have you ever wondered about the wars that shaped the world we live in?  Everyone knows a little about WWI and WWII, some know about other wars, but all wars are important.  Anytime people have to suffer the atrocities of war it is important that we learn from the mistakes that led up to a war.  We should all work to avoid war.  Unfortunately, wars have taken place, learn about some of the Wars of our World at this website.
Teaching students about: Wars of our World

Do you need to teach students how to search the internet effectively?  Visit this site.
Teaching students about: Internet Searching

How much do you know about the development of Civil Rights in America?  This webqwest helps students gain insight into the developments and acts that took place to make America more tolerant and safer.
Teaching students about: Civil Rights in America

Do your students know what is going on in the world today?  They should.  All students should learn to format or research a current event to help them understand their world.  Use this webqwest to teach students the art of current event location and writing.
Teaching students about: Current Events

Have the students create their own webqwest!  This webqwest deals with American Culture during the 1950's.  The students use a template and go out on the web to locate quality internet links.
Teaching students about: American Culture in the 1950's

Teachers in Douglas County use IntegradePro as their electronic grading system.  This system is offered to teachers throughout the district.  The following link will assist teachers in setting up their gradebooks and help with creating a gradebook.  Have fun!
IntegradePro Tutorial