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L-System 4 is a program which uses text based instructions (seed files) to build complex objects.  The program includes several useful functions, including an integrated viewer and a random seed file generator.  These objects can then be exported in DXF file format for use in programs such as TrueSpace, Bryce, etc.

L-System 4 is a Windows based implementation of Laurens Lapre's LParser DOS based program.  The project was conceived and supported by Bryan Smith, founder of Thinkpiece.com.  Sadly, Thinkpiece.com is no more...I'm sorry to see it go.  If you didn't visit the site, you missed out on some very interesting computer based art.  

I placed L-System 4 here in Geocities so that the program could have a home where it could be downloaded via the web.  I'm working over in Saudi Arabia and we don't have the greatest Internet accessibility, hence Geocities.  

The program comes complete with installation instructions as well as an extensive program Help File, and model seed files. You'll need something like Winzip to extract the file. Just extract the 'l4setup.zip' file to a temporary directory and run setup.exe from there to install the program. Un-installations are clean as L-System does not add any additional files to your Windows System folder.

The program is Freeware, the only thing that it will cost you is your time.  There are several examples included to help you in your exploration of Lindenmayer systems.

I've been tinkering with the program lately, and I'll post the latest versions here as well.  I've "smoothed" the basic building block (cylinder) and added a few more primitive shapes.  I've also added the header within the dxf file which will permit you to access individual layers within TrueSpace, etc.   If anyone is interested...write and I'll send you the latest exe.


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Credits:  The above image utilized two models developed by Laurens Lapre (fern.ls and tree01.ls) and one from Cees van der Mark jr (plant01.ls).  Once you've installed L-System 4, you can access all three 'ls' files in the original 'ls' file directory.


If you would like to e-mail me, I can be reached at tperz@hotmail.com


Timothy C. Perz

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