Gundam Wing:
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As you walk through the door with TM, her form stops
shifting, settling into the braided girl in tank top and
"Sugoi! You picked the G-Wing area! This is
my current major obsession. In here, my name is Teena
Maxwell-Yui. As you may have guessed already, Heero
and Duo are my fave characters."
Teena wrinkles her
"Duo is my G-Wing muse, but Heero goes where
Duo goes, so..."
Duo wanders up, grinning. "Oi, Teena,
nice outfit. What're you, the 'Perfect Webmistress'?"
Teena gives the boy a hard look. "Oh, cut it out, would
you? Where's Heero?"
Duo looks back. "Huh? He was
right behind me a minute ago. I better go find him. You
probably don't want him blowing stuff up on your new
Duo walks off, poking his head through various
doors. Teena shakes her head and looks at you.
this place is under MAJOR construction, so don't expect
much. What's your pleasure? Fics, pics, or miscs? Oh,
that was awful, I shouldn't have said it. Anyway, what
are you looking for?"



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