As you enter, TM's form stops shifting, settling into
the orange-haired girl in denim shorts and crop top.
"Hey, a Pokefan, huh? Well, in here, I'm TeenMisty.
Just a sec, I'll introduce you to my Pokemuses."
TeenMisty starts yelling, cupping her hands around her mouth. "Mew! Pikachu! Get out here, you two! We have a visitor!" A Mew flies up to you, looks you over, then settles on TeenMisty's shoulder. TeenMisty smiles at the little Pokemon, then starts looking around. "Mew, where's Pikachu?" Suddenly, you hear Mew's 'voice' in your head. * I don't know. He wasn't with me.* TeenMisty sighs. "I wish he wouldn't disappear like that. Oh, well." TeenMisty turns to you again. "Mew is my idea muse. Pikachu is the enforcer. He makes me work when I don't feel like it. Anyway, enough of that. What do you want to see? Be warned, I don't have much right now."



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