January 15, 2001: Dear Shinigami, she finally updated! I rearranged my GW fic section, and added a new MSTfic, of NaNa's 'Edited'.
November 20, 2000: Two updates in one month! Will wonders never cease? Two new fics, one yaoi, one yuri, 'Heart's Blood' and 'Goodnight', respectively. I also have a new MST fic. Part 2 of Bee and Ana's 'Carebears' fic.
November 5, 2000: Wonder of wonders. Not only do I update quickly, but it's a Pokemon fic. 'Revealing Truths' is now up in the Pokefic section.
October 30, 2000: Umm. Happy almost-Halloween.
I seem to be updating around once a month. Two more MSTings. I seem to do a lot of those...
September 17, 2000: Eheh. Bad TM. I finally got
another update done. Two new MSTs by yours truly in the GW section.