Complete Rotisserie Restoration
Just completed August 2006

August 24, 2006
As I've mentioned to a few others,
This is the first tbird I've had that can sit for a week
and will start almost before I turn the key.
I don't have to do the usual
"pump the piss out of it" routine.
Runs great, powerful, fast and sounds super kewl.
Am I making your mouth water yet?
If not, you should be looking at Chevy's, CLICK HERE, BYE, BYE!
Just kidding, hang around and see what all the excitement is about.
Take a look at the pictures below.
The car turned out super straight, super nice,
and will be a real attention grabber in any crowd.
With this RARE M Code Sport Roadster done and out of the shop now,
there was room to move in the RAREST THUNDERBIRD EVER BUILT
Thant's right, The ITALIEN
In the near future I'll be adding a new site
with photo's and information exposing secrets that no one has ever known
about The ITALIEN Be sure to check back with tbirdsquare.com
to keep up with the restoration of this RARE BIRD that is now being
Back to the car at hand:
Note in the picture below that the odometer showed 76851 miles
before I returned it to ZERO after the restoration.
It will have approximately 100 test miles shown when it goes across the block.

I have consigned this rare
(1 of only 41 known to exist of the original 120 that were built)
Thunderbird M Code Sport Roadster to the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction
in Scottsdale Arizona for the January 13-21, 2007 Auction.
It will be selling at "NO RESERVE". I will be getting a lot number
assigned sometime in September, and when I get it I will list it on the
final update for this car.

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