®(VIP's Creations)©
All rights reserve
Affexion Entertainment
Production 99

Latest Version of Vipbots creations.
Better Interface and new commands, all auto kick messages can now be change.

From Geocities Sites

From Dalnet Sites

®(VipBotv²Scout)© This Version is set on 16bit high resulotion colors
1024 by 768 Pixels .

®(VipBotv²Scout2)© This Version is designed to suit any resulotion
and more options added including more fun Pop-ups.

®(VipBotv²Scout)© 1 and 2 is design for channel protection.
If you're an aop,sop or a channel founder you find that this version is useful.
All Autokicks can be configured to suit your channel.

 Autokick contains:
Swear kicks, Bad Nicks, Advetising, Flooding, Repeat, Long text flood, Acsi Flood, Bad Address
Sound including mp3, Dcc Send, Clones, Join Floods, Change Nick Flood
and also Scans for wingates, net bus, sub7, back orifice, hack attack, aol trojan, icq trojan
and more.

VipBotv²Scout  Double click on the folder ( ClicHereToUnzip.zip). Most applications are set to
call for VipBotScout folder. If you change the name or put it in another folder some
applications may not work.

How should I Unzip VipBotv²Scout ?
Using WinZip / Self Extact .EXE
                        Double click on it and follow the procedures. Click Unzip...( VipBotScout folder should be automatically added to your Desktop )
                Once the Unzip procedures completed Close Winzip. Open the VipBotScout Folder and drag Shortcut Icon ( Vip Logo )
outside the folder. When you start the program and your speakers are turn on and have a sound card
 install in your machine you should hear a sound, if not delete the folder
VipBotScout and do it again.

How to Create a Shortcut For it:
 You need to delete the old shortcut icon ( VipBot logo ).
You then right click on VipBotScout.exe ( mIRC Logo )
Go to Create Shortcut... Right click on the Shortcut icon you just created and
go to to Properties. In properties section theres " General and Shortcuts "
select shortcuts tab and click change icon button, on change icon button option click browse..
look for VipbotScout folder ( if not already set to look there ) and open folder called pics.. select
the logo icon and press open then okey and okey again. You then need to rename the Shortcut logo to
" VipBotScout ".

VipBotv²Scout is set to join #Vip-Lounge everytime you connect to a server.
To change this setting press f2, change channelname and press the # button.

Quick reference
short cut keys for VipBotScout

F1 = Cycle current channel. ( You must be on active channel to press F1 )
F2 = Main Setup Dialog
F3 = Help

Free download

The Cleaner3 Searches your system for trojans and backdoors and removes them.

Removes LINKS.VBS Irc trojan from your system.

Identify Nukers IP Address

pinger, port scanner

Winamp 2.5e play your favorate mp3 music

If you have any question please join #Vip-Lounge
or Email me

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