June 14 - After a mere 3 days, donations have trickled to a complete halt.  Please crosspost again to all your lists and friends encouraging everyone you know to make their donation.  It will not only help everyone hard hit by this flood, but is also the seed of a permanent fund to help other rescues during times of catastrophic loss.  We can hope and pray that a disaster of this magnitude never comes our way again, but we know eventually, it will.  Please help...it's not over yet, and it never will be, but the next time disasters strikes, we can all be better prepared.  The time to act is now!  

The Texas Pet Rescue Relief Fund has been established to help those rescue groups that have incurred devastation from the flood waters of Tropical Storm Allison.  Many private shelters - rescue organizations - that do not enjoy widespread publicity are desperately calling upon you for help.  They are housing large numbers of companion animals and are in dire need of food, medical supplies and animal bedding that was destroyed by floods.   These dedicated rescue volunteers have been staying with the animals entrusted to their care through torrential rains and flooding, putting their own health and safety in harm's way to care for the animals and doing whatever is in their power to protect and maintain their wellbeing.

The majority of these private rescue organizations are breed specific though some are all breed, and these are the people who take the overflow from other animal shelters such as the Humane Societies,  SPCA's and animal control facilities from all over the State of Texas and beyond.  They are the unsung heroes of dog & cat rescue.  They take in special needs pets that are blind, deaf, injured, the heartworm positive dogs; older pets that are cast aside and often overlooked by the public when visiting a shelter  in search of a new companions; and rescue organizations also take in pets that owners are no longer able to keep because of their own declining health or death.  Animals that don't make it to the "adoption side" of a publicly funded animal shelter because of age or existing health conditions are often pulled by rescue groups, where they are given the second chance for a good life.  They're fostered, rehabilitated and re-homed through these private groups.  Animals taken into rescue are completely vetted by bringing their vaccinations and inoculations up to date, they are given complete physicals, skin scrapings for external parasites, and tested for internal parasites and disease by the administration of a fecal exam; they are tested for heartworms, and are placed on heartworm preventative, bathed, groomed and given medications to keep them flea and tick free and even treated for heartworms, if necessary; they are all spayed and neutered prior to placement, and treated for any other existing conditions, and their temperament is evaluated.

Something that is often overlooked by those outside of rescue are the associated administrative costs such as additional telephone lines to handle the large volume of phone calls coming into and out of a rescue volunteer's home, computers, printers, gasoline and mileage put on vehicles transporting dogs, and office supplies.  Make no mistake -- rescue organizations never make money - it's rare for one to even break even on a foster dog.  Astonishingly though because of the love and devotion of a few volunteers, rescue organizations perform almost exclusively out of their own pockets, willingly bearing the financial burden of vet bills, food and fostering dogs in their own homes.  They quietly go about the business of pulling dogs from animal controls and other shelters, taking in unwanted dogs from their owners when they're old and castoff -- or young and unruly.  Adoption feees that are received are put back into rescue paving the way for the next dog that needs them.  We're pretty much a family, rarely asking for outside help, because we help each other.  Regardless of breed or species, rescues pull together, scraping by with very few donations and little, if any, support from the public, but we're asking for your help - and we need it now!

The present and most critical necessity at this time is money to purchase medicines and supplies that were destroyed by flood waters and that will not be covered by the generous food donations coming in.  If you have e-mail and a credit card or even a checking account, you can instantly make a donation to The Texas Pet Rescue Relief Fund by clicking on the Pay Pal logo below.   If you don't already have a Pay Pal account, it takes only minutes to set one up.  Pay Pal is THE preferred method of online payment because of its safety and security.  Your donations will go directly to The Texas Pet Rescue Relief Fund.  We know there are many of you who want to help these volunteers continue their rescue endeavors for the animals, and we've tried to make it as easy as possible by the creation of this website, which allows you to help from the safety of your home.  


For those of you who are still leery of making donations online, we are also happy to accept your donation in the form of a personal check or money order.  Please send them to:

Texas Pet Rescue Relief Fund
c/o Adele Shutes
130 Sugar Cane Circle
Lake Jackson, TX  77566-4540

A huge thanks to these rescue angels, who have given donations that will go a long way toward relieving the misery and losses suffered by those suffering from this terrible disaster.  Your generosity and love has touches us all and is deeply appreciated!  Many of you have written that you wish you could send more and that you hope your small donation helps.  Please be assured that it does help, it will help and you have our sincere gratitude.  Let's add more names - today! 

Margie Serage
Maggie & Ronald Deaton
Deborah Reddy
Cocker Pals Rescue
Sandra Horvai
Dawn De Koker
Stacey Jahn
Ann Reynolds
Elizabeth Hays
Cynthia Harris
Lisa Darroch
Kathleen Brown
Marilyn Kinney
Heather Hicks
Kathryn Walker
Nancy Salani
Cathie Cox
Monika Bubar
Tanya Hyland
Priscilla Winn
Elizabeth Rudd
Patricia Miller
Kathy Drinnin
Ellen McAllister
Mary Lou Sheehan
Collie Rescue San Antonio
Barb & Richard Palatino
Anna Halo
Debra Fielden
Madelyn Carlin
Gwen Mulheron
Michael King
Kristen Babineau
Jay Nusbaum
April Warchol
Meredith Zachritz
Joel & Beverly Hebert
Reggie & Janice Tankersley
Kimberly Wood
Anne & Robert Funkhouser
Roy & Donna Swain
Carolyn Carine
Ruth K. Hixon (In memory of Czar & Bitty)
Barbara L. Murray
Anastasia Voight
Brian & Lisa Powers
Robert & Kathy Cameron
Lisa Hafer
Cynthia Typaldos
Holly E. Birch
Michael & Laura Harris
Harry & Pamela Fowkes
Thomas & Susan Webel
Ronald & Billie Caldwell
Judith M. Seymour
Lone Star Boxer Rescue
Sonnet Dashevskaya
Laurie Shwiff
Karin Goodman
Ginny Bailes
Christean McCormick
Jacqueline Wise
Grace Stoner
Barbara Smith

MarJay Enterprises, LLC
Karen Hoffman
Teresa Osborn
Patricia Dadamo
Patrice Lockhart
Mary Marshall
Jacqueline Turof
Nancy Eubanks
Lorraine Bucklan
Barbara Reinert
Jackie Slayman
Amy Lefferdink
Melissa van de Putte
Denise Duensing
Sandra Birnhak
Mary Portelly
Sharry Powell
Jean Luntz
Donna Duncan
Friends Of Cockers
Sandra Loewenstein
Bettina Yanez
Christy Primm
Denise Schoen
Lisa Reeves
Susan Stanford
Barbara R. Langdon
Barbara Isaacs
Hildreth Clouse
Kelly King
Shepherd's Green
Dawn Green
The Brittany Brigade
Sheri Poland
Joan W. Samuelson
Sandra Marsh
Elizabeth Pannill, DVM
Rockin P Rescue
Preston Landers
Stephen & Donna Fauci
Gisele Galassi
L. Melamed
Leaps & Bounds Agility Center (Houston)
Patricia Stevenson 
Linda P. Mock
Debbie Sanville
Judith & Randall Strait
Kimberle Garwood
Norman Diaz
Linda J. Osteen
George & Lynn Cure
Jeff Peters
James & Bridget Spence
Emily Sieger
Marion & Frederick Schneider
Matthew T. Balmer
Patrick Derbin
Shirley O'Brien
Nora B. Lewis
James & Sally Campbell
Gregory & Rose Fotorny
Mrs. R.E. Nivens
Elizabeth MacMillan

Cynthia Castillo
Frances Moore
Terry Osburn
Linda Hopwood
Miguel F. Orozco
Deborah Custer
Stephane Leamon
Richard Mantler, Jr.
Kathryn Mattingly
Carri Crowe
Barbara L. Cooke
Dottie Stanford
Charlotte Sims
Bonnie Rose
Kerstin Haffner
Margaret Helenschild
David Abigt
M. A. Dummert
Kimberly Gephardt
This Old Cat
Judith White
Deborah Wingfield
Sheri Clepper
Jo McInerney
Joan E. Menter
Linda Kleiner
Rachel Hopple
Jim Curtis
Denise Govan
Kathleen Parsons
Sheila Wynne
Kelly OHara
Jeanie Cade
Lloryn Swan
Sally Hill
Linda P. Mock
Rocky & Linda Hogue
Azalea Whedbee
Bilinda Marshall
James & Julie Nise
Liette Ernster (Luxembourg-Europe)
Marletta D. Clements
Kathryn M. Hayes
Sheila P. Simmons
Bonnie L. Hale
Victoria Neff
Vicki Gipson
Brian Chadwell
Gerald & Diana Brown
Angels for Animals
Wallace M. Swanson, P.C.
Allen & Virginia Butterfield
Kathie Lester
M.S. List Funds
John & Linda Newton
Mary Wilkinson
Janelle Krusper
Lila Skjei
Robert Bailes
Edite Abolins
Nancy Sarnoff
Animal Outreach Association
Caroll Mortensen