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My name is Thomas Verghese . I am a manager in a leading financial services company in Atlanta. Education wise, I have an MBA and an advanced degree in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.

One of hobbies is in writing programs that can help in business applications.

One such program that I have developed is called eZMatch.

It helps reconciling a total to its various sub items. Its ideal for accountants who are into account reconciliations and billing personnel who wish to match a total to various invoices.

The program is developed in excel and is easy to use. To the right there are two links..The first one opens the excel program. Once you click on the link, you may be presented with a menu box. Select the option that says  "Enable Macros". The second one has the documentation for the program. The documentation is in pdf format.

The second program calculates the Total Interest paid as a loan is amortized over its full period. To download, please right click on the link and select "Save Target As " option.

Please drop me a line if you find the program useful

eZMatch Documentation
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Thomas Verghese
Total Interest Paid Over a Loan's Amortization Period