We're back...this time, we're bolder and unstoppable


I encourage everyone to tell your teammates this revived effort of the TPWatchers to continue the fight for our labor right. We are in need of web design experts who can help us manage this website on a weekly basis.

One of the ambitious efforts of this team is to embed videos depicting how the TP-Edsa management is becoming worse every single day. Just email us your video or photo contributions. These will be also uploaded to Youtube.




Welcome to this site, the official online Labor Union of the employees of Teleperformance Philippines. This website is dedicated to all TP-Edsa employees who are victims of mismanagement, unfair labor and salary discrepancy. This is for those who don’t have a voice, those who are taken for granted by their Sups, ACCM and CM. This is for those who can no longer withstand the kind of leadership shown by our bosses in the Production Floor, Accounting, and even in HR. This is for you, too, Nate. This is for you to know more about us, your hopeless agents.


Second Huddle? This section of our site is dedicated to feature employees who have done exemplary work. It’s time for you to shine, fellow agents. By the way, this is not only for agents. If you feel your Sups or ACCM did something incredibly good on the floor, then let us know. Let’s give them our loudest applause.


Also, this section will feature those who did incredibly bad on the floor. If somebody, a Sup, ACCM, CM, MC, HR employee, or anybody, whom you think violated your labor right, then let’s also know. We will put him/her in the spotlight.


Just a reminder, the TP Watchers will scrupulously examine your nomination.




For this maiden edition of this section, Your TP watchers did the nomination. We will give our loudest applause to a number of supervisors who have been supporting their agents in the fight against salary discrepancy. On behalf of all the agents in TP-Edsa, we thank you for helping us dispute our salary at the Accounting Department. Although many issues are still unresolved, we still commend you for your undying effort to help us. Click here to see the commendation emailed to us.

If your supervisor did this to you, email us at tpwatchers@yahoo.com so we can post his/her name here. Thanks!




Your TP Watchers put the following people in the spotlight for their insensibilty  to our needs and disputes:

  • Nate May (He hasn’t done anything with our AB dispute. He fully implemented CCMS at the time when many of our supervisors were untrained with that system. This is our point: how can you expect us to correctly use the CCMS when many of our sups didn't even know how to use it? We give you our “fatal error” score)
  • Accounting (Give us our salary!)
  • Ann Luciano (Our previous TL said that “she messed up” the record of the retention bonus of many TLs and Sups that’s why there was a delay in releasing the bonus. Good job!)
  • Unknown Fraudulent Agents (You make our lives miserable with Sprint)





TPWatchers Return


After being dormant for several months, many of the "gods" and "demi-gods" thought that TPWatchers were gone. They are all wrong… To some extent, they may be successful in including many of the members of TPWatchers in their mass termination scheme. But there still one man left standing—that is, me.

For some of you who are still wondering who the real me is—whether I am a male or female, an agent or sup, a QA analyst or MC—I have one clue to divulge: I am just beside you all the time. I'm often quiet, but vocal. I may look naïve to many, but I am critical. I am one of you. I am with you. 

I am with you every time you are having hard time looking for stations. I am with you every time your supervisor unjustly serves you IRs. I am with you every time the "gods" force you to not take your lunch or break because of their incompetent workforce and staffing procedure. I am with you every time you have a triad session with your ACCM and sup. I am with you every time you have salary dispute. I am with you everyday, every hour.

This comeback is due to increasing clamor of the agents to continue criticizing the long-running issue with CCMS, salary dispute, and unfair termination of agents.

It took me so long to write again and continue this worthy endeavor because our website designer, after few months of fighting for his Attendance Bonus, finally resigned out of frustration. I had to study the basic web designing to run the website again and to continue bringing out the mismanagement of TP-Edsa.

This week, TP chairman Daniel Julien, TP Group CEO Dominic Dato and TPUSA CEO Brent Welch will all be in the Philippines. I still don't know the purpose of the visit. But one thing is for sure, they would want to personally know how TP-Edsa performs. It is without a doubt that we, the small employees of TP-Philippines, are incredibly doing a great job. We are the reason why more and more clients are choosing TP. We are the reasons why many of the "gods" are earning big time.

Yes, our greatness is worth-celebrating for and a true pride of the company. In spite of this, the management bury our demand for better management in eternal oblivion. There's one thing that we have to take advantage while these bosses are here: let them hear our small voices.

Let's all unmask the worst management of TP-Edsa right before their very eyes.  Let them know that:


1) unjust termination procedure through unfair EAF policy is soon to be implemented;


2) the "demi-gods" (Ann Luciano, Patrick Lim, and Michael Kim) are  buying time to sign the mounting salary dispute forms on their desk;


3) the "gods" (Nate May, Joseph Dy, Erol, and Hannah) are incompetent to rectify the problem with stations;


4) the management doesn't allow anymore time adjustment in spite the fact that managers know that many agents are still unable to work on time due to station problems; and


5) dubious unreleased bonuses for agents and sups.

These issues have to be addressed.

Let us all keep ourselves on the look-out and be critical how the top officials run the company. I encourage you to join me in this effort, for it is now fitting more than ever to fight for our labor right.