Nestled in the quaint Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania,
Dimension Design operates with the latest cutting edge technology that will assist you in taking your mechanical design ideas from inception to reality.
    As a leader in design, we have been instrumental in many high profile projects over the past 25 years by taking a "hands on" approach coupled with personalized service.  Working within the Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) surface science field, we have assisted in the development of the Atomic Imaging Microscopy effort at a national laboratory where
Dimension Design headed the team which resulted in commercially available microscope system components.
Dimension Design was intimately involved in the design and fabrication of engine components, instrument interfaces and engine monitoring techniques for a national engine research laboratory.  Those techniques included on-line rheological measurements as well as the development of an engine-based tribometer for real time measurements of friction and wear.
    Utilizing shuttle, pick and place and conveyor technologies,
Dimension Design has assisted in the design and manufacturing of filling and packaging machines for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  These cost effective machines were designed and built to intergrate with existing lines for improved productivity and quality.
Dimension Design has designed and built, through our fully equipped CNC machine shop many projects including replacement parts, component parts, sub assemblies and complete assemblies within the science, chemical, packaging, research, auto racing, and industrial fields.  These services have always been performed with an understanding of the clients needs and prompt cost effective service.
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