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TQE:Diverse but United, Thoughtful &Committed

TQE is parents and grandparents, teachers and taxpayers, families of all sizes, races, nationalities, and political views. Our common goal is to provide the best education possible for our children by spending responsibly for our schools.

Many Backgrounds & Religious Creeds
We come from all walks of life--business, sales, homemaking,  medicine, law, retirement. We practice many religious faiths. Many of our children attend Bedford Schools; many of our children have graduated from them.

Community-Based & Family-Focused
We are active in our community  and in our schools. Many of us have moved here to raise our families and enjoy the good schools and quality of life that Bedford offers; others have grown up here.

Community-Funded & Non-Partisan
TQE receives 100% of its funding from donations by Bedford citizens. We are completely non-partisan. Despite our diversity, we are united in our commitment to provide quality education to the children of our community. 

TQE Gets Results!!!

« TQE has led the fight for a  pro-education school board and small class sizes against well-organized and well-funded opposition.

« TQE turned out the vote for victorious moderate, pro-education school board candidates, giving Bedford a strong pro-education school board.

« TQE has vigorously advocated expanding the use of modern computers and technology in the classrooms, successfully supporting technology warrants and programs like Goals 2000.

« TQE has worked to provide needed resources for West High, supporting efforts to restore an assistant principal that Manchester politicians had cut from the budget, and to add federal land to the West campus.

« TQE has donated funds to support important programs like Stand By Me, the Bedford School Endowment Fund, and the West High and McKelvie School First teams.

« TQE publishes Just the Facts to provide news and views on important issues.

« TQE members serve as classroom volunteers, in PTG, and on School District committees, everywhere we can work to improve our schools.

« TQE was instrumental in the passage of the new Riddle Brook School by a 127 vote margin, by placing hundreds of signs and making over 2,000 phone calls.

TQE is Committed to...
 þEducational Quality
 þFiscal Responsibility
 þPublic Accountability

TQE believes that education is absolutely vital to career success, to  stable family life, to profitable and competitive business, and to a thriving democracy. To achieve these fundamental values, TQE is committed to:

Quality Learning Environment
þ Champion superior academic standards, rigorous assessment, and continuous enrichment of curriculum.
þ Promote small class sizes to ensure individual instruction to all students.
þ Expand the use of modern computers and technology in the classrooms.

Fiscal Responsibility
þ Press for long term educational and fiscal planning
þ Insist on sound fiscal management.

Public Accountability
þ Elect local officials committed to educational excellence, and hold them accountable to the public.
þ Report reliable news and responsible views about important educational issues.

TQE Officers & Board Members

    Ø   Rob Salvucci - President      471-6975
    Ø   Henry Veilleux                     472-0507
    Ø   Cristine Burke                     472-3158
    Ø   Lisl Sanford                         472-5949
    Ø   Doug Steere                        472-3012
    Ø   Mark Stull                           472-2778

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