Fran Drescher's background is somewhat reflected in her famous TV counterpart, Fran Fine. If you've ever watched The Nanny your bound to spot the similaries between Fran Fine and Fran Drescher in the next paragraph.

Francine Joy Drescher was born in Flushing Queens, New York on 30th September 1957. Fran was the second born daughter to Morty and Sylvia Drescher. The first born was Nadine Drescher who went on to become a nurse. Fran called Flushing home her entire childhood until she was 18 years old.

She moved to California with her boyfriend Peter Jacobson who she would soon marry at the age of 21. Together they lived in a small flat in Los Angeles. The pair had a common career path in film and television.

During the next two decades Fran Drescher appeared in a multitude of film and televsion projects, none of which provided the big break she hoped for.

1993 was the year Fran broke into the bigtime with the launch of The Nanny. The show became a hit in the United States and shortly after proved to be just as popular if not more so with television viewers in Australia, where it gained the Top 10 rating spot.

During The Nanny's run Fran Drescher did a host of TV interviews on US talk shows including Oprah. She released a talking Nanny doll and wrote an autobiography titled Enter Whining. She did a short promotional visit to Australia during christmas 1995.

Dissapointingly, The Nanny had fizzled out by it's last episode in 1999. Nevertheless, the show still maintains a legion of fans who continue to watch and enjoy The Nanny, myself included.