BSA Troop 258 Corsicana


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This Troop is the greatest in the World

Uncle Mel

2 Apr 2003

Great site! Good to see active Scouting across the nation. Best of wishes to your Troop. Come visit our site @

Duggie Ruffini

7 Mar 2003

I would like to thank everyone that could make it to the hut for pictures, this at the last minute. I did not even try to call the kids that live out of town,I knew that it would have been to hard to try to make it. The main thing was to get Mell and an older scoutmaster together and we did that. I realize that we need to work on getting service hours,and we need to get more imformation on our history. I am so proud of this troop I want all of Corsicana to see how strong we can be.


20 Feb 2003

I am just learning html and want to create a website for my son's troop. I am very impressed with your site. I like the look and feel of it. Great job! I want to use Geocities because of the cost factor. Have you been happy with it?

Kitty Bahe

14 Jan 2003

Hey guys,
I just wanted to tell everyone that you all did a great job with the candle sales. I feel that you went behond you duty to sell these. I hope it has made enough money to help out!!!! You will not have to here from me for a long time,regarding sales.....

thanks again,
love nita

nita norwood

11 Nov 2002

Hey Mel,
Looks like you have a bunch of great adults and also boys in your troop. I should try and get our troop online also and then they can sway pics too! As always,Semper Fi Devil Dog and Scoutmaster Mel. Keep up the great work and fun times with the boys and they will remember you always. Look forward to seeing you again.

Yours in Scouting,
Erika aka DEVILCHICK Claborn

22 Aug 2002

Love your web page. It really has a lot of info.

robert a paroski jr

12 Aug 2002

Pics look great!! i'm glad you guys had a good time at summer camp! keep mel in line for me!

Wild Bill
Philmont Staff, Cimmarron, NM '02

5 Aug 2002

You guys are sooooo awesome!!! Way to go Troop 258! Keep on hiking the Trail to Eagle!

Miss Chris

23 Jul 2002

nice website! please visit ours!