List of duplicate scenes in Traci movies

Adult 45

This tape has the Traci scene with Greg Rome from Sister Dearest. It also has three "music videos" featuring Traci (clips from three Traci movies set to original music). The three movies are Talk Dirty to Me III, Sister Dearest and Kinky Business. Although all of the footage is from these three movies, the editing here is unique.

Adventures of Tracy Dick

Original scenes.

American Babylon (German release only)

The first Traci scene (with Ron Jeremy) is of unknown origin. It does not appear in any known U.S. release. The second scene added to this movie features Traci and Jamie Gillis and is the scene from Wild Things.

Another Roll in the Hay

Original scenes.


Original scenes.

Bad Girls III

Original scenes.

Battle of the Stars

Original scenes.

Beverly Hills Copulator

The scene with Traci and Kristara Barrington is inter-cut with a scene featuring Traci and another oriental girl. She is Kyoko Izoma and the scene is from Traci Takes Tokyo.

Black Throat

Original scenes.

Breaking It

Original scene.

Condensed Cream of Traci Vol. 1

A bootleg compilation tape released in 1989 containing the following scenes: (1) w/Tom Byron from Tracie Lords; (2) w/Tom Byron from What Gets Me Hot; (3) w/Peter North from Sizzling Suburbia (both scenes from Sizzling Suburbia melded into one, with the first cum shot missing); (4) w/Raven from Tracie Lords; (5) w/Billy Dee from Passion Pit; (6) w/Harry Reems from Those Young Girls; (7) w/Ginger Lynn from Those Young Girls; (8) w/Harry Reems & Rick Savage from The Grafenberg Spot. The title sequence to this video is the "photo shoot" of Traci from Those Young Girls.

Condensed Cream of Traci Vol. 2

A bootleg compilation tape released in 1993 containing the following scenes: (1) w/John Leslie from Breaking It; (2) w/Dan T. Mann & Don Fernando from Passion Pit; (3) w/Tom Byron from Lust in the Fast Lane; (4) w/Ginger Lynn & Peter North from Lust in the Fast Lane; (5) w/Joey Silvera from Suzie Superstar 2; (6) w/Jay Serling from Bad Girls 3; (7) w/Jay Serling & Rachel Ashley from Bad Girls 3; (8) w/Heather Wayne & Christy Canyon from Educating Mandy; (9) the solo scene from Swedish Erotica 56; (10) w/Marc Wallice from Swedish Erotica 56. The title of this video is shown over the outtake that appeared at the end of The Grafenberg Spot, where Traci is laughing when trying to suck two cocks at once.

Country Girl

Original scenes.

Cumshot Review Vol. 3

This compilation of about 100 cumshots was released in 1988. One of the clips is a 50-second scene from the movie Sex Shoot. The clip is 111 min. into the tape. It was re-released in 1997 with the clip intact.

Deep Inside Traci

All the Traci scenes are from other movies. The scene during the opening credits is an abridged version of the scene with Ken Starbuck in Educating Mandy. The first scene is with Kevin James from It's My Body. The second scene is with Peter North from Sizzling Suburbia (up to the first cumshot only - Sizzling Suburbia contains a few more minutes with Peter, including a nice facial). The third scene is with Stacy Donovan from It's My Body. The fourth scene is with Christy Canyon and Heather Wayne from Educating Mandy. The fifth scene is with Harry Reems from Educating Mandy. The sixth scene is with Greg Rome, Peter North and Marc Wallice from It's My Body.

Diamond Collection #69

Has the third scene (with Peter North) from Educating Mandy.

Diamond Collection #73

Has the third scene (with Stacy Donovan) from It's My Body. Reissued in Europe with the title Tracy Meets.

Dirty Pictures

The opening scene, Tom Byron watching a video of Traci and fantasizing about being with her, is taken from the last scene in Physical II but without the blue-screen effects. The other two Traci scenes in Dirty Pictures are original scenes.

Double Penetration Part 2

A 2-minute abbreviated version of the fifth Traci scene (with Tom Byron and Sahara) from Sex Fifth Avenue. Traci is barely noticeable.

Dream Lover

Original scene.

Educating Mandy

Original scenes.

Erotic Gold Vol. 1

Has a shorter version of the clip from the compilation Porn in the U.S.A.

Erotic Zones

Original scene.

Fantasy Club 59: Van Vixens

There are two scenes on this 30-minute compilation tape, both taken from Sex Fifth Avenue. These are the second Traci scene from Sex Fifth Avenue, with Paul Thomas, and the third scene, with Tom Byron doing Traci in the back of a van. Also in the van scene is Christy Canyon with Steve Powers.

Future Voyeur

Original scenes.

Gourmet Quickies: Traci Lords

There are two scenes in this video. The first scene is with Tom Byron and comes from The Sex Goddess. The second scene is with Marc Wallice and comes from Pleasure Party.

Grafenberg Spot, The

Original scene.

Harlequin Affair

Original scenes.

Holly Does Hollywood

Original scenes.

Hollywood Heartbreakers

Original scenes (see Hot Cum Orgy Vol. 2 for more info)

Hot Cum Orgy Vol. 2

Includes Traci's scene with Tony Martino from Hollywood Heartbreakers. However, this version is 9 1/2-minutes longer so it contains footage not found elsewhere. The soundtrack is also different. It appears to be a different edit from the same Master Tapes.

Hot Pink

This is a collection of all-girl quickies. The Traci scene is with Raven and comes from the Cinematech video, Tracie Lords. This same scene is also found in Hot Shorts: Traci Lords and Joys of Erotica #114.

Hot Shorts: Traci Lords

All three scenes here are taken from Tracie Lords. The three scenes are with Marc Wallice, Raven and Craig Roberts, respectively. The scene with Raven is also in the videos Hot Pink and Joys of Erotica #114.

Huge Bras Vol. 3

Contains a scene entitled "Hard Boiled" which is an abbreviated version of the scene with Christy Canyon and Tom Byron from Tracy in Heaven.

It's My Body

Original scenes.

Jean Geni

Original scenes.

Joys of Erotica Vol. 109

One scene (with Craig Roberts) from Tracie Lords.

Joys of Erotica Vol. 110

Two scenes from Tracie Lords. First is a three-way with Tom Byron and Gina Carrera. Second is the scene with Blake Palmer (by the pool).

Joys of Erotica Vol. 114

Two scenes from Tracie Lords. They are the scene with Raven (which also appears in Hot Shorts: Traci Lords and Hot Pink) and the scene with Blake Palmer.

Just Another Pretty Face

Original scenes.

Kinky Business

Original scene.

Ladies in Lace

Original scenes.

Love Bites

Original scene.

Lust in the Fast Lane

Original scenes.

Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies #5

Original scene.

Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies #6

Original scene.

Miss Passion

Original scenes.

More Than a Handful #1

Contains the third Traci scene (with Eric Edwards) from Portrait of Lust.

New Wave Hookers

Original scene.

Night of Loving Dangerously

Original scenes.

One Hot Night of Passion

Original scenes.

Open Up Tracy

Original scenes

Passion Pit

Original scenes.

Peek-A-Boo Gang

Original scenes.

Perfect Fit

Original scene.

Physical II

Original scenes (see Dirty Pictures and Reincarnation of Don Juan for more info).

Pleasure Party

Original scenes.

Pleasure Productions 9

Contains one Traci scene with Herschel Savage taken from Tracie Lords.

Pleasure Productions 10

Contains one Traci scene with Marc Wallice taken from Tracie Lords.

Pony Girl Vol. 1

Original scenes.

Pony Girl Vol. 2

Contains a brief scene with Traci topless at 21 minutes into the tape that is a duplicate of a scene in Pony Girl 1 at 48 minutes into the tape. Pony Girl 2 contains another scene with Traci (2-1/2 minutes long) that is not in Pony Girl 1.

Porn in the USA

Original scene (see Erotic Gold Vol. 1 for more info).

Portrait of Lust

Original scenes.

P.S. I Love You

Abridged version of Traci, I Love You

Reincarnation of Don Juan

Contains only one Traci scene, a 4-minute scene that is from the same shoot as Physical II. It is with Tom Byron and Marc Wallice (although you never see their faces). The cumshot is with Marc and is from Physical II. Some of the shots do not appear in Physcial II, and all of the shots have different blue-screen effects than in Physical II, so this isn't an entirely duplicated scene but does have considerable overlap.

Screaming Desire

A shorter version (58 minutes) of Tracie Lords. Scene 5 (with Blake Palmer) is gone. Scene 3 (with Raven) is cut by 7 min or so. Small cuts elsewhere.

Sex Fifth Avenue

Original scenes.

Sex Goddess

Original scenes.

Sex Shoot

Original scenes.

Sex Waves

Original scenes.

Sister Dearest

Original scenes.

Sizzling Suburbia

Original scenes.

Superstars and Superstuds I

Contains one Traci scene from Passion Pit (the one with Dan T. Mann and Don Fernando in the convertible).

Suzie Superstar II

Original scenes.

Swedish Erotica 56

Original scenes.

Swedish Erotica 57

Original scene.

Swedish Erotica 60

Original scene.

Swedish Erotica Hard 17: Amber & Christy's Sex Party

This tape was a re-release of Swedish Erotica Volume 57 by Caballero in 1991. The first release of Swedish Erotica Hard Vol. 17 contains the Traci scene. The tape was pulled back and this scene edited out within a few weeks of release. Several video stores still have the original. The scene in question is the complete scene from Swedish Erotica #57 ("Voyeur") with Stevie Taylor and Herschel Savage.

Sweet Little Things

Original scenes.

Tailhouse Rock

Original scenes.

Talk Dirty to Me III

Original scenes.

Taste of Traci Lords, A

Abridged version of Traci, I Love You.

Those Young Girls

Original scenes.

Tracie Lords

Original scenes.

Traci Lords Basta ("Best of Traci Lords")

A compilation with subtitles (Swedish or Dutch?) containing 13 scenes: (1) with John Leslie from Breaking It; (2) with Jamie Gillis from Wild Things; (3) with Greg Rome from Sister Dearest; (4) with Tom Byron from Perfect Fit; (5) with Gabriel Pontello from Traci, I Love You; (6) with Laurie Smith from Suzie Superstar II; (7) with Harry Reems from Love Bites; (8) with Kevin James by the pool from One Hot Night of Passion; (9) with John Leslie from Talk Dirty To Me 3; (10) with Joey Silvera from Suzie Superstar II; (11) with Tom Byron from Sister Dearest; (12) the scene in a devil outfit with Rick Cassidy from New Wave Hookers; (13) with Harry Reems and Rick Savage from The Grafenberg Spot.

Traci Lords Varsta ("Worst of Traci Lords")

A compilation with subtitles (Swedish or Dutch?) containing 12 scenes: (1) with Chuck Martin from Hollywood Heartbreakers; (2) with Christy Canyon from Harlequin Affair; (3) with Ron Jeremy and Christy Canyon from Sex Fifth Avenue; (4) with Dan T. Mann from Harlequin Affair; (5) with five girls from Sex Fifth Avenue; (6) with Paul Thomas from Sex Fifth Avenue; (7) with Peter North and Nicole West from HollywoodHeartbreakers; (8) with Tom Byron from Harlequin Affair; (9) with Peter North, Marc Wallice, and Sahara from Harlequin Affair; (10) with Robin Cannes from Two Timing Traci; (11) with Tom Byron from Sex Fifth Avenue; (12) with Kevin James and Robin Cannes from Two Timing Traci.

Traci Lords' Fantasies

This contains six Traci scenes, three of which are original scenes and three which are duplicates. The duplicates are slightly abbreviated scenes of the following: "Voyeur" with Herschel Savage from Swedish Erotica #57, "Student Bodies" with Tom Byron from Swedish Erotica #60, and the scene with John Leslie from Erotic Zones.

Traci Takes Tokyo

Original scenes.

Tracy in Heaven

Original scene.

Tracy's Hidden Fantasies

All the Traci scenes in this movie are taken from other movies. This movie has Traci masturbating (taken from Young and Restless II), intercut with various of her "fantasies," which are also scenes from other movies. There are two Traci scenes from Aroused: a scene with Tom Byron and two girls (where Traci is wearing a collar), and a five-way scene with two couples. The final Traci scene is the orgy scene from Young and Restless II.

Two-Timing Traci

Original scenes.

We Love to Tease

Original scenes.

Welcome to My Face 2

A cumshot compilation released in 1998 that includes the same 50-second clip that is in Cumshot Review Vol. 3 (from the same company).

What Gets Me Hot

Original scenes.

Whore of the Worlds, The

This tape was released by Paradise Visuals in 1986 and later pulled back for editing. It contained 3 minutes of the 2nd Traci scene from Lust in The Fast Lane, with Ginger Lynn and Peter North's fabulous slow-motion cumshot. Ironically, later in the video there is a montage of the cumshots from the scenes so far (only 3-4 seconds of each) shown in reverse and the Traci scene cumshot is included (in one tape reviewed anyway). Traci's face is not really identifiable because of the angle of the camera and it is only about 4 seconds, but the fact remains that it is still Traci Lords. Curiously enough, the Spanish-language version of the film, La Puta de los Mundos, (available in the US from the same company, Paradise Visuals) has both edited out.

Who's the Best: Traci Lords vs. Sheri St. Clair - Their Hardest Scenes

This compiles four Traci scenes from other movies. The first is with Peter North and is from Night of Loving Dangerously. The second is with Harry Reems and is from Those Young Girls. The third is with Peter North and Steve Drake and is a slightly abbreviated scene from Night of Loving Dangerously. The fourth is with Tom Byron and is from Lust in the Fast Lane.

Wild Things

Original scene.

Young and Restless II

Original scenes.


Some additional notes:


"Tracy Dick, Sensual Investigator" is another name for The Adventures of Tracy Dick. There is only one Tracy Dick movie.


A Taste of Traci Lords and P.S. I Love You are both edited versions of Traci, I Love You.


Both Jubilee of Eroticism and Embassy Girls: Taste for Passion feature Traci on the video box but neither has Traci in the video.


"Nympherotica" is a series title that appeared on the box for Sweet Little Things. There is no Traci movie called "Nympherotica."


In Lust in the Fast Lane, in her first scene with Eric Edwards, the closeups and the cumshot are not them, but are of another couple.