Updates: on Brad Cunningham
Interview excerpt with Ann Rule:
          I can't remember his last name , but is there anything new with the "Brad" case ?
          Brad Cunningham, the non-hero in Dead By Sunset, is suing me for $666 million
          because he said I lied about him. He is also suing the State of Oregon's
          penitentiary system because they won't allow pornography to be mailed to the
          He is a very dangerous man!!! And a very angry man.
          Brad is in prison for many, many years and his boys are doing great with Sarah.
          $666 million?
          Well, he offered me a deal for $333 million--but that would have cut severely into
          my checking account. : *) He has delusions of grandeur, and he files his own suits.
Bradly Cunningham is still  incarcerated in Oregon. He is suing the prison for not allowing inmates to have pornography.  Brad has appealed his sentence and is seeking  a new trial,  Brad and Cherylís three sons were adopted by Bradís ex-wife, Sara. They are in high school and college.
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