In 1984, Kenneth Z. Taylor, a Manalapan Township dentist, bludgeoned his wife Teresa to death with a barbell. Their son Philip was then 6 months old.

Custody of Philip was granted to Mrs. Taylor's sister and mother-in-law Celeste Benigno -[White and Jefferson White. The court also granted Kenneth Taylor's parents, r3c-erett L. and Jean K. Taylor, visitation rights and were allowed them to take the child to Indiana during certain times of the year.

During a August 1986 visit to Indiana. Philip was adopted by the Taylorís in an Indiana state court. The: Whites filed suit, and, represented by Miller, eventually won full custody of the child.

Miller said the Taylors had taken their 3-year-old grandson to visit his father in prison, even though a child psychiatrist had said such encounters were not good for the boy.

"Imagine taking a 3-year-old to Trenton (New Jersey) State Prison, to see his father who murdered his mother," Miller said. "It was a really awful situation, and it certainly wasn't in the child's best interest.'
Teresa Taylor's Story