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Down Cyprus Avenue
A Journey With Van Morrison

by Sean O'Hagan

ISBN 1861590059
Published February 1998 by Phoenix (UK)
Hardcover - 224 pages

Update Feb/99:
This one seems to have sneaked into print (if one can believe its listing at without much fanfare on the Van-L list. Below are a pair of initial reports, but I have not yet seen a review of this.

Update Feb/98:
BlairW reports that publication of this title has apparently been put back until 1999 as the manuscripts have not been delivered to the publisher. This 'date' could of course change and it could be late this year or even 2000...

BlairW ( noted an announcement from Key Mail Order for release on 2.2.98 of a book entitled Van Morrison - Down Cyprus Avenue. It is described as a 224 page hardback, memoir by Sean O'Hagan, price £16.99 , ref. no 1861590059. No other information is available at this point.

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