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The Best of Van Morrison

Polydor 841-970-2
(Released March, 1990)

  1. Bright Side of the Road (3:46)
  2. Gloria (2:38)
  3. Moondance (4:32)
  4. Baby Please Don't Go (2:43)
  5. Have I Told You Lately (4:20)
  6. Brown Eyed Girl (3:06)
  7. Sweet Thing (4:22)
  8. Warm Love (3:24)
  9. Wonderful Remark (3:59)
  10. Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile) (2:58)
  11. Full Force Gale (3:15)
  12. And it Stoned Me (4:30)
  13. Here Comes the Night (2:47)
  14. Domino (3:05)
  15. Did Ye Get Healed? (4:07)
  16. Wild Night (3:34)
  17. Cleaning Windows (4:42)
  18. Whenever God Shines His Light (4:55)
  19. Queen of the Slipstream (4:55)
  20. Dweller on the Threshold (4:44)
    Total time: (76:24)

Review by Scott Thomas:
In the meantime, Van finally consented to release an anthology. Though The Best of Van Morrison was issued by Polygram, they acquired the rights to his Warner Brothers material so that the collection provides a balanced overview of Morrison's career from his Them days up to Avalon Sunset. All his best known song are here, of course, but the real surprise is the intelligence and discrimination shown by whomever had control over filling in the rest of the 72 minutes. (According to rumor, it was Morrison himself.) By placing unjustly neglected masterpieces like "Bright Side of the Road," "Did Ye Get Healed?" and "Dweller on the Threshold" next to "Gloria," "Brown Eyed Girl," and "Moondance," new and more casual listeners are treated to some terrific songs they may not have heard before. Fans who already own the original albums will be attracted to the Robbie Robertson-produced "Wonderful Remark," originally from the King of Comedy soundtrack, which is available nowhere else on CD.

The Best of Van Morrison remains the best vehicle for introducing the uninitiated to Morrison's vast canon.

  • Russell Parkinson reports from New Zealand that the remastered Best of Van Morrison has the uncensored version of "Brown Eyed Girl" [where the original, unmastered version did not]. And apparently the "down under" (Australia, New Zealand] release of this CD also includes "Days Like This", for a total of 21 tracks.

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