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Dreaming Ezekiel
Fake ID

MTM Music 199624
(Released 1997)

  1. Above And Beyond The Call Of Love (3:57)
  2. Heartbreak Moon (4:26)
  3. Nothing Next To You (4:54)
  4. Tied To The Mast (3:40)
  5. Half A Heart (4:20)
  6. Even The Strong (3:56)
  7. Tears Don't Put Out The Fire (4:24)
  8. Hearts Break Like Promises (4:15)
  9. Go Easy (3:47)
  10. I'm A Fighter (3:21)
    Total time: (41:06)

Fake ID consists of:
Gene Miller: lead vocals
Pamela Moore Barlow: vocals & songwriting
Janet Morrison Minto: vocals & songwriting
and a "band of players" including Peter Hume, Gary Cambra, Lorraine Frisaura, and Roger Feits.

  • Notes:
    This CD, produced by Pamela Moore Barlow and Janet Morrison Minto, is available on the Internet (http://www.PI.se/mtm), and was put together as a showcase of their songwriting skills. Read this 1998 interview with Janet Morrison Minto (formerly known as Janet Planet) for more information.

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