Van Morrison's Singles

All are US release unless noted. Non-US singles only included if tracks are different from US release. Chart positions noted below.

   Brown Eyed Girl/Goodbye Baby                    Bang          1967
   Ro Ro Rosey/Chick-A-Boom                        Bang          1967
   Spanish Rose/Midnight Special                   Bang          1968
   Spanish Rose/Who Drove the Red Sportscar        Pink Elephant
   Brown Eyed Girl/Midnight Special                Hip Pocket    1968
   Come Running/Crazy Love                         Warner Bros.  1970
   Domino/Sweet Jannie                             Warner Bros.  1970
   Domino/Come Running (Spain)                     Warner Bros.  1970
   Blue Money/Sweet Thing                          Warner Bros.  1971
   Call Me Up in Dreamland/Street Choir            Warner Bros.  1971
   Wild Night/When that Evening Sun Goes Down      Warner Bros.  1971
   Tupelo Honey/Starting A New Life                Warner Bros.  1972
   (Straight to Your Heart) Like A Cannonball/     Warner Bros.  1972
      Old Old Woodstock
   Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You      Warner Bros.  1972
      Smile)/You've Got the Power
   Redwood Tree/St. Dominic's Preview              Warner Bros.  1972
   Redwood Tree/Jackie Wilson Said(I'm In Heaven   Warner Bros.  1972
      When You Smile)  (Germany)
   Gypsy/St. Dominic's Preview                     Warner Bros.  1973
   Warm Love/I Will Be There                       Warner Bros.  1973
   Bein' Green/Wild Children                       Warner Bros.  1973
   Gloria                                          Warner Bros.  1973
   Gloria/Warm Love  (Germany)                     Warner Bros.  1974
   Ain't Nothin' You Can Do/Wild Children          Warner Bros.  1974
   Bulbs/Cul De Sac                                Warner Bros.  1974
   Caledonia/What's Up Crazy Pup?  (France,        Warner Bros.  1974
      Germany, Italy, UK) [Van Morrison and the Caledonia Soul Express]
   Joyous Sound/Mechanical Bliss                   Warner Bros.  1977
   Cold Wind in August/Moondance                   Warner Bros.  1977
   The Eternal Kansas City (edit)/Joyous Sound (UK)Warner Bros.  1977
   Wavelength (short version)/Checkin' It Out      Warner Bros.  1978
   Natalia (edit)/Lifetimes                        Warner Bros.  1979
   Kingdom Hall/Checkin' It Out                    Warner Bros.  1979
   Bright Side of the Road/Rolling Hills           Warner Bros.  1979
   Full Force Gale/Bright Side of the Road         Warner Bros.  1979
   Full Force Gale/Troubadors  (Netherlands)       Warner Bros.  1979
   You Make Me Feel So Free/Full Force Gale        Warner Bros.  1980
   Cleaning Windows/Scandinavia                    Warner Bros.  1982
   Cleaning Windows/It's All in the Game  (UK)     Mercury       1982
   Cleaning Windows/Aryan Mist  (Spain)            Mercury       1982
   Scandinavia/Dweller on the Threshold  (UK)      Mercury       1982
   Cry For Home/Summertime In England (UK)         Mercury       1983
      (Live at Ulster Hall, Belfast, June 1982)
      12" Single includes "All Saint's Day"
   Celtic Swing/Mr. Thomas (UK)                    Mercury       1983
      12" Single includes "Rave On, John Donne"
   Dweller On The Threshold/                       Mercury       1984
      Northern Muse(Solid Ground)  (UK)
   A Sense of Wonder/                              Mercury       1984
      Haunts of Ancient Peace(live)   (UK)
      Released as 12" single in US
   Tore Down A La Rimbaud/                         Mercury       1985
      Haunts of Ancient Peace(live)   (UK)
   Ivory Tower/New Kind of Man                     Mercury       1986
      12" Single (UK) includes "A Sense of Wonder"
         and "Cleaning Windows"
   Got To Go Back/In The Garden   (UK)             Mercury       1986
   Did Ye Get Healed?/Allow Me   (UK)              Mercury       1987
   Someone Like You/Celtic Excavation   (UK)       Mercury       1987
   Queen of the Slipstream/Spanish Steps   (UK)    Mercury       1987
   I'll Tell Me Ma/Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta  (UK)   Mercury       1988
      [Van Morrison & Chieftains]
      12" single and CD single also include "Carrickfergus"
   Have I Told You Lately/Contacting My Angel (UK) Polydor       1989
      CD single also includes "Irish Heartbeat"
      12" single has 7" cuts plus "Listen to the Lion"
   Whenever God Shines His Light(7" Version)/      Polydor       1989
      I'd Love to Write Another Song   (UK)
      ["Whenever God..." credited to Van Morrison with Cliff Richard]
      CD single also includes "Cry for Home" and "Whenever God
         Shines His Light" (Album Version)
      12" single has "Whenever God Shines his Light" (Album Version),
         "Cry for Home", and "I'd Love to Write Another Song"
   Orangefield/These Are The Days   (UK)           Polydor       1989
      CD single also includes "And the Healing has Begun" and
         "Coney Island"
      12" single has 7" cuts plus "And the Healing has Begun"
   Coney Island/Have I Told You Lately  (UK)       Polydor       1989
      12" single has 7" cuts plus "A Sense of Wonder"
      CD single also includes "A Sense of Wonder" and "Spirit"
   Gloria/Rave On, John Donne   (UK)               Polydor       1990
      CD single also includes "Vanlose Stairway" and "Bright Side
      of the Road"
   Real Real Gone/Start All Over Again   (UK)      Polydor       1990
      CD single also includes "Cleaning Windows"
      12" 45 same as CD Single
   In The Days Before Rock 'n' Roll/               Polydor       1990
      I'd Love to Write Another Song  (UK)
      CD single also includes "Coney Island"
   Enlightenment/Avalon of the Heart   (UK)        Polydor       1991
      CD single also includes "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven
         When You Smile)
   I Can't Stop Loving You/All Saints Day  (UK)    Polydor       1991
      ["I Can't Stop..." credited to Van Morrison with The Chieftains]
      CD single and 12" 45 also include "Carrying a Torch"
   Why Must I Always Explain?/So Complicated  (UK) Polydor
      CD single also includes "Enlightenment"
   Gloria(with John Lee Hooker)/                   Exile         1993
      It Must be You (Live)  (UK)
      Double CD single also includes live tracks:  Whenever God Shines His
         Light/Star of the County Down/It Fills You Up/And the Healing Has
         Begun/See Me Through
   Days Like This/I Don't Want to Go On Without You/That Old Black Magic/Yo (UK)
                                                   Polydor       1995
   Perfect Fit/Raincheck/Cleaning Windows
                       (live) (UK)                 Polydor       1995
   No Religion/Whenever God Shines His Light/      Polydor       1995
      Have I Told You Lately/Gloria (UK)
   No Religion/Days Like This/Raincheck (UK)       Polydor       1995
   That's Life (live)/Moondance/That's Life (UK)   Verve         1996
   The Healing Game / Full Force Gale '96 /        Polydor       1997
      Look What The Good People Done /
      Celtic Spring (UK)                           (see The Healing Game)
   The Healing Game/Have I Told You Lately/        Polydor       1997
      Whenever God Shines His Light (w.Cliff
      Richards)/Gloria (w.John Lee Hooker) (UK)    (see The Healing Game)
   Rough God Goes Riding/At the End of the Day/    Polydor       1997
      The Healing Game (alternate version) (UK)    (see The Healing Game)
   Precious Time/Jackie Wilson Said/               Polydor       1999
      Call Me Up In Dreamland (UK)                 (see Back On Top)
   Precious Time/Naked In The Jungle/              Polydor       1999
      Give Me A Kiss (UK)                          (see Back On Top)
   Precious Time/Jackie Wilson Said (live)         Pointblank    1999
      (US, "jukebox only")
   Back On Top/John Brown's Body/I'm Ready (UK)    Polydor       1999
      I'm Ready (UK)                               (see Back On Top)
   Back On Top/Tell Me/                            Polydor       1999
      Sax Instrumental No. 1 (UK)                  (see Back On Top)
   Philosophers Stone/These Dreams Of You/         Polydor       1999
      Raincheck (UK)                               (see Back On Top)
   Philosophers Stone/These Dreams Of You/         Polydor       1999
      Raincheck (UK)                               (see Back On Top)
   I Wanna Go Home/New Burying Ground/             Polydor       2000
      Midnight Special (Alternative Take) (UK)     (see The Skiffle Sessions)
   Let's Talk About Us/Singing the Blues/          Pointblank    2000
      The Ballad of Jesse James (UK)               (see You Win Again)
   Hey Mr. DJ/Someone Like You/                    Polydor       2002
      Bright Side Of The Road (UK)                 (see Down The Road)

Singles chart positions

The following information was taken from the website (which seems to have gone out of operation) - the chart dates are in US format (month/day/year). The Billboard website has up-to-date information on Van Morrison's chart positions here.
Brown Eyed Girl
Date on Charts: 07/15/1967
Highest Position on Charts: 10
Weeks on Charts: 16

Come Running
Date on Charts: 04/04/1970
Highest Position on Charts: 39
Weeks on Charts: 8

Date on Charts: 11/14/1970
Highest Position on Charts: 9
Weeks on Charts: 12

Blue Money
Date on Charts: 02/06/1971
Highest Position on Charts: 23
Weeks on Charts: 12

Call Me Up In Dreamland
Date on Charts: 06/05/1971
Highest Position on Charts: 95
Weeks on Charts: 2

Wild Night
Date on Charts: 10/09/1971
Highest Position on Charts: 28
Weeks on Charts: 11

Tupelo Honey
Date on Charts: 01/01/1972
Highest Position on Charts: 47
Weeks on Charts: 8

Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)
Date on Charts: 08/19/1972
Highest Position on Charts: 61
Weeks on Charts: 6

Redwood Tree
Date on Charts: 10/28/1972
Highest Position on Charts: 98
Weeks on Charts: 2

Date on Charts: 11/19/1977
Highest Position on Charts: 92
Weeks on Charts: 4

Date on Charts: 09/16/1978
Highest Position on Charts: 42
Weeks on Charts: 11

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