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Make Do With What You Got
Solomon Burke

Shout Factory
(Released March 1, 2005)

  1. I Need Your Love In My Life
  2. What Good Am I?
  3. It Makes No Difference
  4. Let Somebody Love Me
  5. After All These Years
  6. Fading Footsteps
  7. At The Crossroads
  8. I Got The Blues
  9. Make Do With What You Got
  10. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul

Van Morrison contributes a new song "At The Crossroads" and wrote an introduction for the album's liner notes.

Review by Alan Lloyd:
The new Solomon Burke release is a must for soul music fans. Of the ten songs on this release (playing time is around 45 mins), Burke has co-written one; others have been composed by Bob Dylan, Dr John, Van, Jagger & Richards, Robbie Robertson, Coco Montoya and Hank Williams.

It's hard to pick out highlights; from the opener "I Need Your Love in my Life" to "Wealth Won't Save Your Soul" (Hank Williams), the performances are superb. "After All These Years" (Bark's co-composition with Eddie Towns, the albums pianist) is a soul ballad, the Stones' "I Got The Blues" is low-down and yearning, and Dr. John's title song is suitably funky.

Van's song "At The Crossroads" is lyrically what you might expect from him - a longing to go home after a life of wandering; melodically it reminds me a little of "What Makes The Irish Heart Beat", though less countrified. The singer is at the crossroads waiting for a train (maybe someone should tell him to go to the "depot" or he'll be waiting a long time) And this must be the first song since Andy Stewart's 1961 hit to contain the word "trousers".

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