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Live At Montreux 1980/1974
(2-disc DVD)

Eagle Vision (EE 39124-9
(Released October 16, 2006)

Disc One: July 10, 1980

  1. Wavelength
  2. Kingdom Hall
  3. And It Stoned Me
  4. Troubadours
  5. Spirit
  6. Joyous Sound
  7. Satisfied
  8. Ballerina
  9. Summertime in England
  10. Moondance
  11. Haunts of Ancient Peace
  12. Wild Night
  13. Listen to the Lion
  14. Tupelo Honey
  15. Angelou
    Total time: 95 minutes (approx)

Disc Two: June 30, 1974

  1. Twilight Zone
  2. I Like It Like That
  3. Foggy Mountain Top
  4. Bulbs
  5. Swiss Cheese
  6. Heathrow Shuffle
  7. Naked in the Jungle
  8. Street Choir
  9. Harmonica Boogie
    Total time: 49 minutes (approx)

The audio material from these two shows has been circulating for quite some time on various bootleg CDs, such as the notorious If You Don't Like It, Go Fuck Yourself (one of the many incarnations of Montreux 1974) and Spirit (a boot of the Montreux 1980 show). See the All Bootlegs (chronological) section of the Discography for more information.

Press release: (August 23, 2006)
For more then 40 years now the music of Van Morrison has been mesmerizing and captivating audiences around the world. Combining influences as diverse as R&B, jazz, blues, country and Celtic folk, his sound and style has firmly established him as a true innovator of popular music.

Exile Productions are proud to announce the release of the first ever DVD from Van Morrison, titled Live At Montreux 1980/1974, via an exclusive world wide licensing deal with Eagle Vision. Recorded at the world famous Montreux Festival, at which he has performed many times throughout his illustrious career, and personally chosen by Van Morrison himself, Live At Montreux 1980/1974 captures two magical performances over 2 discs that showcase Van at his very best.

Disc one is the complete show from 1980 and features the tracks Wavelength, Tupelo Honey, Moondance and many more, while disc two features the complete show from his 1974 appearance and features tracks including I Like It Like That, Foggy Mountain Top, Heathrow Shuffle and Street Choir.

Van Morrison Live At Montreux 1980/1974, scheduled for release on October 16th and following Van's appearance at this year's 40th Montreux Festival, is a wonderful look back at one of the greatest songwriters and poets to every grace the worlds stages with his presence and is a must have for all music fans.

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