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Small World Big Band
Jools Holland & His Rhythm 'n' Blues Orchestra

(UK release date November 19, 2001)

  1. Seventh Son (with Sting)
  2. Horse To The Water (with George Harrison)
  3. Will It Go Round In Circles (with Paul Weller)
  4. Valentine Moon (with Sam Brown)
  5. Return Of Blues Cowboy (with Joe Strummer)
  6. The Hand That Changed Its Mind (with Dr. John)
  7. Nobody But You (with Ruby Turner)
  8. Revolution (with Stereophonics)
  9. I Put A Spell On You (with Mica Paris & Dave Gilmour)
  10. Oranges & Lemons (with Suggs)
  11. All That You Are (with Eric Bibb)
  12. Mademoiselle Will Decide (with Mark Knopfler)
  13. Back O'Town Blues (with Van Morrison)
  14. Town and Country (with Chris Difford)
  15. I Wanna Be Around (with John Cale)
  16. I'm Ready (with Steve Winwood)
  17. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (with Marc Almond)
  18. T-Bone Shuffle (with Mick Hucknell)
  19. Its So Blue (with Paul Carrack)
  20. Outskirts Of Town (with Taj Mahal)
  21. I'm In The Mood For Love (with Jamiroquai)
  22. What Would I Do Without You (with Eric Clapton)

Review by Simon Gee:
Some real good performances from the likes of Clapton, John Cale, Ruby Turner, and George Harrison, some average ones from Van, Mick Hucknall and Knopfler, and some pretty dire ones from Suggs and Jamiroquai. Always the same with this sort of thing. But the band arrangements are excellent and the whole CD runs on from song to song like a 'Later' but without the introductions from Jools ('hooray' I hear you cry). Good to hear Van with a big band arrangement again, but Back O' Town Blues doesn't really stretch him though - great New Orleans feel to the track. George Harrison sounds in a real angry mood, and the photo of him isn't too flattering either.

Review by Mark Gilbert:
Given the range of music that has echoed around the "Later With Jools" TV studio, Jools Holland ought to be one of the most versatile musicians in Britain, and so he needs to be in the star-studded Small World Big Band. Among other things, he does Georgie-Fame-style rock 'n' roll with Sting, Memphis soul with Paul Weller, slow blues with a hollering Joe Strummer, chugging r'n'b with Dr John (who gives one of the most colourful vocal performances here), some largely unreconstructed Beatles with Stereophonics, some sunny ska with Suggs, a reverb-drenched blues with Knopfler (sadly without a guitar break) and an epic Anthony Newley style lament with Marc Almond. The biggest news is probably the debut of George Harrison's first new song in 10 years, the evocative "Horse To The Water". However, despite the variety, Jools's natural inclinations and his ever-present Rhythm & Blues Orchestra lead much of the music towards big band boogie. Sometimes the blues piano clichˇs pop up in places that perhaps they shouldn't, but would it be a Jools Holland party without them?

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