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Too Late To Stop Now Outtakes
(bootleg CD)

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  1. I've Been Working * (4:22)
  2. Young Lovers Do *** (4:02)
  3. Purple Heather *** (5:40)
  4. Come Running *** (2:42)
  5. Sweet Thing *** (4:46)
  6. Blue Money *** (3:58)
  7. Green *** (4:14)
  8. Wild Night *** (4:24)
  9. Caravan * (9:30)
  10. Cypress (sic) Avenue ** (10:06)
  11. Send In The Clowns (3:50)
  12. Into The Mystic (4:29)
  13. Satisfied (6:59)
    Total time: (68:54)

* - unedited version of same performance on official release
** - entirely different performance than official release
*** - Not on official release at all
Track 11 - recorded at Ronnie Scott's club, London, June 6, 1986.
Tracks 12-13 - Bay Area Music Awards, Warfield Theater, San Francisco, March 15, 1980

Liner notes: In the course of compiling Van's legendary LP from the peak of his career, Warner Bros. pressed a test acetate of a possible triple LP. When the final selections were made for the double LP, ten different songs were left on the acetate. For your convenience, we pulled those ten songs onto this one disc to complete the official release.

As bonus tracks, we include the best quality version on CD of the Stephen Sondheim classic with trumpet great Chet Baker. Fram a rare tape of a local awards show comes one of the most dynamic Memphis soulized renditions of "Satisfied" you'll ever hear from Van. Check out the guitar riff, throbbing bass, and gorgeous horns.

You'll never forget this one.

Notes: See also the Discography entry for It's Too Late To Stop Now. The Too Late acetates also appear on a number of other boots, including It Ain't Why, It Just Is, Its Never Too Late, and Wild Night.

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