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A Period of Transition

Warner Bros. 2987-2
(Released April, 1977)

  1. You Gotta Make It Through the World (5:10)
  2. It Fills You Up (4:34)
  3. The Eternal Kansas City (5:26)
  4. Joyous Sound (2:48)
  5. Flamingos Fly (4:41)
  6. Heavy Connection (5:23)
  7. Cold Wind in August (5:48)
    Total time: (34:12)

Dr. John: Keyboards
Gregg Wright: Vocal/Vocal (Background)
Ollie E. Brown: Percussion/Drums
Gerald Garrett: Vocal
Marlo Henderson: Guitar
Jerry Jumonville: Saxophone/Sax (Alto)/Sax (Tenor)
Roger Kenerly-Saint: Vocal/Vocal (Background)
Gary Ladinsky: Engineer
Reggie McBride: Bass
Tony McVey: Vocal/Vocal (Background)
Robbie Montgomery: Vocal/Vocal (Background)
Van Morrison: Guitar/Keyboards/Saxophone/Vocal/Producer
Candy Nash: Vocal/Vocal (Background)
Paulette Parker: Vocal/Vocal (Background)
Joel Peskin: Saxophone/Sax (Baritone)
Joseph Powell: Vocal/Vocal (Background)
Mark Underwood: Trumpet
Carlena Williams: Vocal/Vocal (Background)

Review by Scott Thomas:
The astounding Veedon Fleece was followed by two and a half years of silence. While Van vacationed and tinkered, fans and critics waited for his return, certain that the extended spell of R&R would energize him into creating yet another masterpiece. Once again, he confounded all expectations. Instead of picking up with the musical and literary innovations that marked Veedon Fleece, A Period of Transition delivers straight, no-frills R&B which, while undistinguished by Morrison's usual standards, isn't the catastrophe that critics of the time made it out to be. Certainly, the material is more consistent than what we would find on 1978's Wavelength, and, as usual, Van sings great. The problem is production and performance. Instead of plundering the outlandish New Orleans boogie woogie associated with co-producer Mac Rebennack (alias Dr. John), Van and Rebennack went for a straight ahead, horn-based sound that is competent but somewhat wooden. The backing musicians, compared to the various incarnations of the Caledonia Soul Orchestra, are ham-fisted and unimaginative.

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