Ireland & Dubliners (vinyl LP) cover
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Ireland & Dubliners
(bootleg vinyl LP)

Bandito Records - B005

Side A - Elvis Costello

  1. Leave My Kitten Alone
  2. Complicated
  3. Many Rivers To Cross
  4. I Hope You're Happy Now
  5. Pump It Up / Gloria

Side B - Van Morrison
  1. Thanks For The Information
  2. Here Comes The Knight
  3. A Town Called Paradise

Side C - The Boomtown Rats
  1. Someone'S Looking At You
  2. Joey's On The Street Again
  3. Looking After #1

Side D - U2
  1. C'mon Everybody
  2. Pride
  3. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  4. Maggie's Farm / Cold Turkey

All tracks recorded at the Self Aid concert in Dublin. May 17, 1986

Source: Diana De Roo

Additional notes: All the Van Morrison tracks are more recently available on The Night was Full of Space.

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