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Please, No Moke!
(bootleg vinyl LP)

SPYS - Free Music INC. MR19 (Released in 1984)

Side A

  1. One More Time
  2. If You And I Could Be As Two
  3. Gloria
  4. Hey Girl
  5. Sad Eyes
  6. Mystic Eyes

Side B

  1. Mechanical Bliss - demo
  2. Ain't Working For You - demo
  3. Misty (w/George Benson) - USA TV 1984
  4. Nothing You Can Do - Rotterdam 1981
  5. High Place In Your Mind - London 1982

Produced by "UZZO" and Maurice Pigeons.

All of side A recorded in Deventer, West Germany (sic. - should, of course, be Holland) 1968

Source: Diana De Roo

The Deventer tracks were recorded with Cuby and the Blizzards and are more recently available on the Over the Rainbow CD. It would appear that this LP was the source of the master.

See also the Discography entry on the 2003 vinyl boot Please No Smoke!

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