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You Win Again
Van Morrison and Linda Gail Lewis

Virgin/Point Blank VPBCD 54
(UK release date September 25, 2000
US release date October 3, 2000)

  1. Lets Talk About Us (2:49)
  2. You Win Again (2:58)
  3. Jambalaya (2:54)
  4. Crazy Arms (3:35)
  5. Old Black Joe (3:18)
  6. Think Twice Before You Go (2:35)
  7. No Way Pedro (3:41)
  8. Shot of Rhythm and Blues (3:56)
  9. Real Gone Lover (3:06)
  10. Why Don't You Love Me (2:20)
  11. Cadillac (2:30)
  12. Baby You Got What It Takes (3:41)
  13. Boogie Chillen (3:57)
    Total time: (41:20)

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CD singles:
The first CD single from this album was released in the UK on September 11, 2000 (see at right). See also this complete list for more details on Van Morrison singles. Let's Talk About Us contains the album track "Let's Talk About Us", plus two non-album tracks: "Singing the Blues" and "The Ballad of Jesse James" (taken from The Skiffle Sessions).

Review by David Chance:
Had an opportunity to get an early listen to this... I think it's great! No, you don't get new Van compositions expounding on the depths of the human condition or another series of "where's my next critic coming from" songs. What you do get is a simple dose of fun and just plain having-a-good-time with some old RnR/country/R&B tunes, and "No Way Pedro" is a perfect compliment to these. Linda Gail Lewis' voice reminds me of a mountain/country singing style (granted one has to appreciate that), nicely mixed in and not overpowering. I'll actually play this more than The Skiffle Sessions, which was twice, and probably return to it more frequently than others like How Long Has This Been Going On and Tell Me Something.

Review by Patrick Humphries:
Over the years Van Morrison has steadfastly refused to be categorised. Since 1968's classic Astral Weeks, he has embraced folk, R&B, pop, rock, jazz, blues and gospel. Back in 1988, Van joined The Chieftains on Irish Heartbeat to celebrate his love of traditional music. Later, on The Skiffle Sessions, he returned to the music of his teenage years. Now in partnership with Linda Gail Lewis, sister of piano-pumping Jerry Lee, Van revels in country & western, shot through with a healthy slice of R&B. Highlights include three Hank Williams songs--"Jambalaya", "You Win Again", "Why Don't You Love Me"--and this is a timely reminder that the original Fifties rock & rollers like Jerry Lee Lewis drew as much on white C&W as on black R&B. The lack of original material stops this being vintage Van--amidst the Fats Domino and Bo Diddley covers is just one Van original, the quirky "No Way Pedro"--but this is still a welcome addition to an awesome back catalogue.

  • See also this interview with Linda Gail Lews on the making of the album.
  • There are some links to other sites with more information on Linda Gail Lewis (and samples of her earlier work) in this Glossary entry.

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