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What exactly does VM mean when he uses the word "aryan"? Since he was influenced by Alice Bailey's writing (as he admits in the notes to the album Beautiful Vision), we can assume that his use of the word is the same as Bailey's use of the word. So the question becomes, what does Bailey mean by the term "aryan"?

In fairness to VM, I will limit quotes from Bailey's writings only to those which VM cites as having read (i.e., Glamour - A World Problem) and won't assume he read anything else by her. This is important since Bailey's more questionable views are surprisingly absent from Glamor, the work in question. Below is a selection of quotes representing how she uses the term "aryan" in her book Glamor:

  • In our race, the Aryan, the world illusion is gathering weight and slowly emerging into recognition in the human consciousness. (Glamor, 32)
  • The world today is divided into three groups, all of whom are subject to certain phases of glamor: [...] 2. Those who are more definitely Aryan in their consciousness. This means that the mind factor is awakening and thus constituting a difficulty and that the illusions of the mental plane are now added to the glamors of the astral plane. These illusions are theoretical and intellectual in nature. (Glamor, 113)
  • I speak not in terms of the Aryan race as it is generally understood today or in its Nordic implications. (Glamor, 114)

And for further clarification of the use of the word "aryan," two quotes from other works by Bailey:

In the coming Aquarian Age we shall see humanity producing a culture which is sensitive to the finer and higher spiritual values, a civilization which is free from glamor and from much of the illusion which today colors the Aryan peoples. (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, 44)

The Aryan root race, to which the Hindu, European, and modern American races belong, is the fifth, the Chinese and Japanese belonging to the fourth race. (Initiation, Human and Solar, 224)

It appears that Bailey is, therefore, not using "aryan" in the same way the Aryan Nation, for example, uses it. Her use is more esoteric. [...] So when VM sings about "aryan mist", apparently he's singing about the mist the Aryan race is presently caught up in ("fog of illusion" etc.).

Submitted by Joel Heiman

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