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While Baba is general term referring to a "spiritual teacher" in India, it has been suggested that Van is referring specifically to Maher Baba in "You Don't Pull No Punches But You Don't Push The River". Baba Ram Dass (friend of Timothy Leary, among others from the early 1970's onwards) is another "Baba" candidate.

Meher Baba (Merwan Sheriar Irani, 1894-1969), was born in Poona, India of Persian parents. He became a religious writer, leader, a guru. His followers still call him an "avatar". Baba had a love relationship with God that wouldn't quit. So, Baba wrote things like,

When a good thing is given to one, the mind is pleased, but soon after settles down into its previous state; if some bitter medicine is forced upon it, it revolts but almost immediately reverts to its normal state. This shows that both the pleasures and pains of this world are transient.

A few minutes ago you ate chocolates with relish, but that enjoyment has now become a thing of the past and has resulted in nothing. So with all pleasures and pains. One of the greatest enjoyments of the carnally-minded is sexual intercourse. But its pleasure lasts only so long as the intercourse lasts. No sooner does the intercourse come to an end than the pleasure ends.

Compare the transiency of earthly pleasures with the permanency of spiritual bliss, and you will find the difference between the two.

The Perfect Master, Meher Baba, C. B. Purdom, p. 52
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