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Belfast Gypsies

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Jackie McAuley: vocals
Pat McAuley
Ken McCleod
Mark Scott: bass guitarist

Belfast Gypsies

Formed by Pat and Jackie McAuley after they left Them in 1965. Under the guidance of producer Kim Fowley they recorded an album, which was only released in Sweden, prior to its reissue in 1977. The album was somewhat bizarre. Totally over-the-top and fueled by Jackie McAuley's gutbucket vocals they played a weird brand of punk, folk, rock and blues, which didn't really catch on. Their philosophy on the album was captured on tracks like "People Let's Freak Out".

After this Pat McAuley dropped out of the music business and later tragically drowned in Donegal in 1984. Jackie was later in Trader Horne, recorded a solo album and was in an outfit called Poor Mouth.

Compilation appearances have included "The Gorilla" (taken from a French EP on Vogue) on The Sound Of The Sixties, Incredible Sound Show Stories Vol.1, and Psychedelic Archives Vol.7, and both sides of a US-only single ("People Let's Freak Out/Portland Town") on the Garage Zone Vol.1. "The Gorilla" is a good mod/R number with fuzz guitar and distorted organ.

They also recorded a 45 as Freaks Of Nature, which was released as by The Belfast Gypsies in the US. Its flip side ("The Shadow Chasers") was simply the 'B' side of the first single ("Secret Police") under a different name.

This note August 31, 2002 from Chris Cutchey of the UK:

My brother, Peter, was the bass guitarist [for the Belfast Gypsies] on the Scandinavian records and gigs. Peter's stage name was Mark Scott.

For your information Peter, who had played a lot of session bass for people like Joe Meek and backed sundry artists like Adam Faith (Terry Nelhams, I think?) remained in music for a while after Them / Belfast Gypsies but then became embroiled in the design and manufacture of psychedelic lighting effects - at first with Henry Weill (of Burns Weill guitar fame) then on his own account supplying clubs, discos etc.

18 years ago Peter moved to the States and worked for a couple of specialist music/lighting related companies - Peavey in Meridian Mississippi, and more recently, High-End Systems in Austin Texas. As a result of being made redundant Peter set up Buckingham Music in Austin importing Indian musical instruments for sale on the internet ( This site is still up-and-running although Peter unfortunately passed away on 1st July, 2002.

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