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Fire In The Belly

Watching the Waterfont Concert video, I noticed that Van mentioned that the inspiration for the song "Fire In The Belly" was the book by the same name.

The book Fire In The Belly is by Sam Keen, published in 1991, and is mentioned on one web-page as being one of the "2 most-cited classics in the field" [of Men's Studies], the other "classic" being Robert Bly's Iron John.

A brief review of the book, "Fire In The Belly" as noted on one web-page:

"With traditional notions of manhood under attack, today's men (and women) are looking for a new vision of masculinity. In this ground-breaking book, Sam Keen offers an inspiring guide for men seeking new personal ideals of strength, potency and warriorship in their lives."
Elsewhere it is noted that Sam Keen is the author of 12 books and a series of videos titled Sex and the Sacred, as well as being a contributing editor to the U.S. pop(ular)-psychology magazine "Psychology Today". He is also said to be a colleague of Joseph Campbell.

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