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Castlereagh Road

The Castle Picture House was located on the Castlereagh Road, and was mentioned (along with "wee Alfie") in the song "A Sense Of Wonder" (from A Sense Of Wonder). It is now a retail outlet belonging to S&L Furniture.

Image and text courtesy of Stuart Bailie

The character "Wee Alfie" referred to in the song "A Sense of Wonder" was actually a dwarf. He lived in the corner house in a street which adjoins Clara Street. He literally lived at the very back of the Castle "picture house" which is referred to in the same line... I remember him well when i was growing up in that area, a well known and well-liked local character - lived to a reasonably old age: I would imagine he died sometime in the 1970's.

Submitted by Gary Galbraith

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