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Hubbard tone scale

The tone scale was first developed by L. Ron Hubbard in Dianetics and its purpose was to classify a variety of human emotions in a graduated order from the most dismal or lowest, which is said to be apathy, to the highest which is said to be enthusiasm. Each emotional level is given a number and the emotions are arranged in a descending order of desirability.

	  40.0  Serenity of beingness
	  8.0   Exhilaration
	  4.0   Enthusiasm
	  3.0   Conservatism
	  2.5   Boredom
	  2.0   Antagonism
	  1.8   Pain
	  1.5   Anger
	  1.2   No-sympathy
	  1.0   Fear
	  0.9   Sympathy
	  0.8   Propitiation
	  0.5   Grief
	  0.375 Making amends
	  0.05  Apathy
	  0.0   Being a body
	- 0.2   Being other bodies
	- 1.0   Punishing other bodies
	- 1.3   Responsibility as blame
	- 1.5   Controlling bodies
	- 2.2   Protecting bodies
	- 3.0   Owning bodies
	- 3.5   Approval from bodies
	- 4.0   Needing bodies
	- 8.0   Hiding

The whole purpose of Scientology auditing is said to be to raise a person up the tone scale, and as one rises up the tone scale one is said to shed undesirable qualities and to assume more desirable qualities, not only mental but also physical.

The URL given below includes a ton of information on Scientology (by a non-Scientologist) in general and additional information on the tone scale in particular (including the "death" part, which would be the 0.0 and negative numbers).

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