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Hyndford Street

Van and his family lived on Hyndford Street in East Belfast from 1945 until 1961. The Morrison house (shown at right) was at number 125, described in Steve Turner's biography Too Late to Stop Now as "a 'two up, two down' terraced house with no bathroom." Van's mother Violet had lived at 125 Hyndford Street since she was nine.

At the other end of the street was an electricity pylon where the neighborhood boys used to meet in the evenings. The pylon appears in more than one Van song, including "On Hyndford Street" and in that wonderful three-song sequence which ends the Into the Music album.

Although the Bloomfield area of East Belfast seems an unlikely location for a mystical experience, in Hymns To the Silence Van portrays his days on Hyndford Street as an idyllic period free from fear, confusion and sorrow. A short distance away from Hyndford Street was the wealthier, tree-lined Cyprus Avenue, where Van also wandered as a boy.

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