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Kissoon, Katie

Katie Kissoon sang backup with Van for a period during the late 1970s and early 1980s, and appears on Into the Music and, much later, on Hymns to the Silence. Issue #11 (March 1997) of Wavelength has an article by Ulrich Buhring about Katie Kissoon's recordings.

In the mid/late '60s she was a member of her elder brother Mac's vocal quartet, The Marionettes. Later the brother/sister team of Mac and Katie signed to the Young Blood record company and recorded "Keep On Laughing" and "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep", the latter selling well in the US and making it into the UK top 50. Next charting was with "I Found My Freedom", where it made it into the top 10 in some European markets, and then 1975 saw "Sugar Candy Kisses" make it into the #3 slot in the UK charts.

Since then she has appeared in concert or recorded with many outstanding artist, including Stevie Wonder, George Harrison, Pete Townshend, Annie Lennox, Dusty Springfield, Roger Waters, The Pet Shop Boys, Jimmy Ray, Bonnie Tyler, Van Morrison, Tina Turner, Take That, Elton John, Tom Jones, Jamiroquai, Michael Owen, George Michael and Chris Rea.

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