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[Van's reference in the interview cited below] may or may not be to Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the Summit Lighthouse (also known as The Lighthouse Of Freedom)

Some of her favorite topics are soul evolution, angels, twin flames and soul mates, prophecy, spiritual psychology, karma and reincarnation, and techniques to balance karma, especially by using a spiritual energy known as the violet flame.

On April 22, 1961, she attended a meeting of The Summit Lighthouse, where she met its leader, her future teacher and husband, Mark L. Prophet. Mark was a Messenger for the Ascended Masters. Under the direction of his teacher, the Ascended Master El Morya, Mark trained Elizabeth to be a Messenger too. Mark and Elizabeth were married in 1963, had four children, and together built The Summit Lighthouse, an organization that Mark had founded in 1958 to publish the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

Over the years, The Summit Lighthouse has grown from a tiny organization with a handful of members to an international organization with approximately 200 groups located in the United States and 38 other countries.

CUT [Church Universal and Triumphant, the church in Montana of which she is the head --dcat] has claimed to represent the essential "Teachings" of practically all of them; them carrying names like Theosophy (see Madame Blavatsky), Anthroposophy, Rosicrucian, Gnostic, New Age, Mystery School, Arcane, Ordo Adeptorum Invisiblum, and Agni Yoga. It is a much longer list, but the Teachings include aspects of major religions as well: mostly Catholic Christianity, Mahayana Buddhism, and Tantric Hinduism.

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The material in first few paragraphs of the interview cited below is a discussion of a tape album by Elizabeth Clare Prophet titled The Science of Rhythm, which discusses the effect of various types of music on the aura, the chakras, etc. In the interview, Van gives his views on a number of the specific examples which are included on the album.

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