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Alan Watts (1915-1973): philosopher, author, lecturer, teacher, became well known in the 1960s as a pioneer in bringing Eastern philosophy to the West. Through his numerous books and public lectures on the psychology and philosophy of religion, Watts went on to captivate a worldwide audience of millions and to become known as one of the most original interpreters of oriental philosophy in general, and of Zen Buddhism in particular. Cloud-Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown: A Mountain Journal is the title of one of Watts' books (ISBN 0394482530), published by Pantheon in 1973.

Neil Simmons notes that Watts' source for the phrase "Cloud hidden, wherabouts unknown" is a poem by Chia Tao who lived during the T'ang dynasty (777-841):

Searching For The Hermit In Vain

I asked the boy beneath the pines
He said, "The master's gone alone
Herb-picking somewhere on the mount,
Cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown."

(as translated by Lin Yutang)

According to Alan's son, Mark Watts, Van and Alan were great friends. When asked by Van list member Dweller2, Mark said, "Yes, I remember Van coming to visit and the two of them laughing and having a great time." Apparently you can get a catalog of Alan Watts' tapes by contacting

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