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Biographies, Critical Studies, Sheet Music, Etc.

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A collection of interviews with Van from various sources, and at different stages in his career. Complemented with text from some of the critical reviews and appreciations of Van's work

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Check out Van's Diary at the Wavelength website for the most current touring info. One other site, Pollstar, may also have information, and you'll always get the latest information if you're a member of one of the mailing lists.

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Excerpts from the lyrics featuring extensive hypertext annotations to the Glossary. Indexed by album, or alphabetically by song title, in three parts: A-F, G-R, and S-Z

Glossary of Terms & References

Where is Cyprus Ave?
An eclectic collection of definitions and explanations of some of the more obscure references in Van's songs, cross-referenced to the song lyrics themselves. Including an interactive tour of Van Morrison's East Belfast, wherein such pilgrimage sites as Hyndford Street, and Davy's Chipper are revealed.

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The foremost print resource for information on Van Morrison. Subscribe now!

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Where applicable, photographs of Van Morrison are reproduced with the kind permission of Exile Productions. Thanks go to Van Morrison fans worldwide for their contributions, energy and encouragement, and to those few discerning organizations who have visited, and liked what they saw...