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S VAN HIMSELF POINTS OUT on one of the tracks from 1995's Days Like This CD, "I'm a songwriter". Increasingly he has taken to describing the song-writing process as simply part of his "job" as a musician, but that gives a fairly bland view of the creative process. While some of Van's work could be fairly described as "filler" (ironically the above-mentioned song "Songwriter" is a good example of bad writing) there are no shortages of songs in Van's catalogue that show Van can be touched by the muse. Songs like the passionate "Listen to the Lion" (from 1972's St. Dominic's Preview), the inspired "In the Garden" (from 1986's No Guru, No Method, No Teacher), and 1991's nostalgia-soaked "On Hyndford Street" from Hymns To The Silence, are just a few examples of Van's better work as a songwriter.

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