recognition (for what its worth...)

THE INTERNET IS AN INSATIABLE CONSUMER OF CONTENT, where attention spans are infinitely (almost immeasurably) brief. Seems that almost every commercial Web site out there has their own award system nowadays: their own system of rating sites, "minting" little icons which the award-winning site can proudly attach to their work. Sure its nice to get the recognition. But the wise Webmaster realizes that these little logos eventually just clutter up the page (not to mention that the real reason these awards are given out is so that the award-granting organization can sow additional links back to their Website: it's really just additional publicity for them, after all).

So with all that in mind, I've put together this page which collects together the various bits of recognition that this website has garnered. The logos are clickable so you can get more information on the awarding organization (if you are so inclined).

Listed in BBC WebGuide October 2001.

On July 9, 2000 SearchingIreland.com ("Ireland's newest and most powerful search engine") awarded the van-the-man.info website 4 points out of a possible 5 for "reaching a very high standard of combining design and content". Needless to say we decided to take the rest of the day off to celebrate...

On September 29, 2000 the Internet Scout Project selected this website for inclusion in their Scout Report, a weekly current awareness publication that highlights new and newly discovered Internet resources.

Magellan is "an online guide to the Internet that includes original editorial content, a directory of rated and reviewed Internet sites, a vast database of yet-to-be-reviewed sites, and a powerful search engine that helps you find what you're looking for." Awarded 4 stars in June of 1996.

"And what is a dora?" I hear you ask... As it happens, "doras" is the gaelic word for "door", and the awarding Web site is the Irish Telecom company, which provides an on-line guide to Irish content sites on the Web. Awarded 4 shamrocks in January of 1997.

According to their home page, CelebSite exists "to help you get information about your favorite stars as easily as possible, [providing] a directory of web sites, a search engine (courtesy of Infoseek), and a bunch of information you might find useful: news, biographies, fan mail addresses, credits, vital stats, etc." "CelebSite certified" in February of 1997.

The Legacy Web site claims to "guide Classic Rock Pilgrims to the best Internet band and artist sites, the best Rock Indexes, and the best sites having anything to do with Classic Rock & Roll on the World Wide Web."

Macromusic ("Your Ultimate Source for music, movies... and more!") recognized this website as its "Noteworthy Site of the Day" for April 30, 1999.

The Mining Company is a new web venture that was officially launched in April/97. Its goal is to "take back the 'net," and assist users who are frustrated and confused by the overwhelming number of websites and information that they usually encounter when looking for specific information in their interest niche. Not to mention bad links and URLs that are old, outdated, and go absolutely nowhere.

In the Mining Company, live "guides" who are competent and knowledgeable in certain areas, "mine" the web for the latest, timely information in their field. Websites that are chosen to be linked to their sites represent what they feel are the most informative, comprehensive and all-around best webpages that the net has to offer.

The Danish computer magazine Alt Om Data selected this website as its "WWW Site of the Month" for February 1997. Danish Van list member Christian Schou forwarded a translation of the review on to me, and I immediately braced myself for a flood of WWW visitors from Denmark...

Mr. Monologue (Jim Rosenberg) selected the van-the-man.info website as his "Monologue Favorite" website for Wednesday July 21, 1999.

"You know what's 'real, real gone?' Why, the Van Morrison: The Man and His Music website. My favorite artist gets the royal treatment by Webmaster Michael Hayward. Check it out..."

The Mr. Monologue website was originally located at http://www.thewire.org/jim

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