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Wavelength is the title of the unofficial magazine devoted to Van Morrison, the Man and his Music. Published three times a year it brings together from all over the world news, views, reviews, and comments from fans. Every concert is analysed and described by fans who were actually present and know what's happening, and local newspaper reports are included for amusement purposes. Full SetLists are given as well. All the latest news is analysed, CDs from around the globe are reviewed, quotes from the high and the not-so-mighty are sought out. And on top of this there are revealing articles on Van's influences, his musicians, and the effect of his music. In short, all you need to know about Van Morrison.

Wavelength has a website at http://www.wavelengthltd.co.uk/ featuring an excellent selection of Van-related merchandise (hard to obtain CD singles for example). Check it out! Simon Gee, editor, can be reached through Email at simon@wavelengthltd.co.uk

Issues are sent airmail. They are printed on slick paper, black and white except for the cover, newsmagazine size, 20 pages counting the covers.

The mailing address for Wavelength is:

PO Box 80, Winsford
Cheshire, CW7 4ES

Part of the van-the-man.info unofficial website