1967 taped interview

Taped sometime in March of 1967,
at the Wassenaar Wildlife Breeding (zoo),
Wassenaar, The Netherlands
Transcribed by ear by David Chance

Interviewer: ...Anyhow, it seems, uh, why, in Holland, especially, Them got such a big name, and that, I believe, that it's not such a big name in England?

Van: Well, well, it, it was a big name in England, 'bout, uh, 2 years ago, but, uh, if, in England if you don't have, uh, a record in the top 20, uhm, you're not so pop'lar. You must have a record in the charts in England.

Interviewer: And what are some feelings, also, against Them, because you came from Northern Ireland it was very hard for you to, to come, uh, uh, because you are not a special English group?...

Van: Well, that could be one reason. Could be. I, I don't know. [slight chuckle]

Interviewer: And, we heard some, some, uh, thing, you were in the monastery some time...is it true?

Van: Yeah I was, yeah.

Interviewer: ...Why?

Van: Because I was completely sick of, uh, the pop scene and I just wanted to get away from it all because it was, it was gettin' too much, y'know, so...it's so false, the pop scene is false, it's not real.

Interviewer: And there was something, you, you wanted to become a monk. Was that true?

Van: Well, no, I didn't wanna, I didn't actually wanna become a monk, uh, I went and they said they would let me stay there for as long as I intended to stay, to, uh, think, y'know, and read, philosophize, y'know, this type of thing, and, uh, they said, if I wanna come back anytime I could come back, y'know...

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