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Welcome to the Guru's Website! (I get to call myself a Guru for the very good reason that my name is Guru! Gurusinghe, to be exact)

Following is my list of Trading Software and Systems available for immediate sale, click on the title and you will be taken to a section where there is more data and the URL for the manufacturers website; for even more info, or clarifications etc, email me.

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Complete list of Trading Software and Systems available:

Supercharts 4.0 EOD

Indigo Investment Software version 4.5.0075

Omega Research ProSuite 2000i

Tradestation Trading Systems (over 200 systems)

Elwave 6 with scanning


Walter Bressert Seminars, workshops, manuals

Gann Trader 3.007

Bill Williams New Trading Dimensions

Advanced Get EOD Version 7.6

Dynamic Trader 3.0 build 60

WinWaves 32 version 1.3.3

NeuroForecaster and GENETICA 7.2

Money Manager 2000

Portfolio Evaluator 2000 ver 2000 build 0115

Rina's Secure f calculator

Rina's Portfolio Maximizer for Tradestation and Supercharts

Rina's 3D SmartView

3D SmartView 2000 for TradeStation

Portfolio analysis and money management workshop 

Metastock Addon - Chart Pattern Recognition software by John Murphy 

Metastock Addon - Dynamic Trading Tools

Metastock Addon - Performance Systems Plus

Metastock Addon - Bollinger Bands

Martin Pring Metastock Tuitorial CDs

Martin Pring Market Momentum 3 CD course 

Omnitrader 2001 REALTIME

Pattern Smasher version 2.06A

TradeAdvisor 2 the Millennium Edition

NeuroShell DayTrader Professional 3.01

Investors Dream Ver 7.79.0

Fibonacci/Galactic Trader Ver 3.08 R52

MarketWarrior Version 1.3 Release 20 Build 20

Free Data!

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SuperCharts provides more analysis power than any other technical analysis program ever developed for the individual investor. Plus it's amazingly easy to learn and use.

By combining powerful system testing and automation features with state-of-the-art charting, SuperCharts provides the professionals' choice for finding, improving and tracking custom trading strategies that make money.
It includes a Windows 95/98/2000 interface, full-color charting, a built-in data downloader and an expert system that reveals what each of the 80+ indicators are saying about a symbol at any point in time. With the ability to write custom indicators, studies and systems with built-in buy and sell alerts and scan each chart for a different set of conditions, it's the perfect tool for analyzing all markets to discover the potential profit-makers quickly and easily.

Price of CD only: $100

Beat the Market with  

Indigo Investment Software  

version 4.5.0075!

A Revolutionary New Program for Stocks! Now, individual investors can use the same profitable research & investment methods employed by Wall Street professionals and successful fund managers.

If you were looking to buy Indigo Stocks, THIS  is your opportunity -- v5.0 (aka 2001) is currently selling for about $4,000.00! 

Our price $350 only (for this price, you get the fully functional program CD (not a demo), you also get another CD demonstrating  how to use the program). 

Omega Research ProSuite 2000i

Version: 5.00.0707: 

TradeStation 2000i, OptionStation 2000i and RadarScreen 2000i In One Integrated Suite. 

ProSuite® 2000i is a completely integrated trading software suite for the serious trader. ProSuite 2000i is a great resource for traders of all levels, from the inexperienced trader to the 10-year veteran, who want a trading tool to trade in all markets.

This premier trading suite combines TradeStation 2000i and OptionStation 2000i with TradeStation Technologies' scanning tool, RadarScreen 2000i. So you can design and monitor your own trading strategies for all markets—securities, commodities and options. Every feature is seamlessly integrated in one workspace, and we've even included seamless integration to the Internet.

With ProSuite 2000i, you'll have the ability to better answer three vital questions:

When to buy and sell

What to buy and sell

How to buy and sell

With ProSuite 2000i, you have tools that can help you try to trade successfully in all markets.

About this item:

What you receive when you buy  this item:

PRICE $250 only, add $25 for secure traceable courier shipping.

Manuals available ($50):

AudioTapes ($50):

Trading with Omega Tradestation 2000i, Radarscreen 2000i and Optionstation 2000i ($25) CD with historical data for stocks, futures, indices etc. ($35)

Email me if you need more details.

The following Tradestation Trading Systems are $25 each; if you buy 5 or more, the price drops to $15 each, 10 or more $10 each, all 200+ Systems for $250, again payment by Paypal, email for more details on a particular indicator. 

When a system/indicator has a yellow background, it signifies there is  documentation included, if not, you only get the ela/els files. "OR" stands for Omega Research, these work in Prosuite as well as Tradestation versions.

%C DT System (For TS4)
%C-DT ver#1 and #2 for OR
1st 2h channel
3 Line Break
5Day Momentum
Abraham System and Indicator
AndrewsPitchfork v2 Indicator
AS S&P Bear System for OR
AS S&P Raptor System for OR
Bob Buran Systems for OR
Bob Perry -Emini nasdaq for ts
BOS_BSE_LS_Mkt System for OR
Bruce Babcock, 80% Solution SP500 Trading System
Candle Forecaster Expert for TradeStation
CandleStick Patterns Indicator for OR
Channel for OR
Charles Le Beau - 25 x 25 Bond System
Charles Le Beau - First Sword Yen System
Charles Le Beau - Mack NYFE System
Charles Le Beau - Prudent S&P Systems
Charles Le Beau - Roughneck CO System
Charles Le Beau Strategic Swiss Franc
Charles Le Beauns Crossbow Swiss
Charles LeBeau's Big Dipper Bond Trading System

Cherry Picker (For TS)
COA Ctg (For TS)
Cole's Range for Ts
Cycle Surfer (for TS)
Cycle Trader
Cycle Trader Collection
CycleTrader - All Versions
Cynthia Kase
Dale Legan - Catching Waves with a Multi-Cycle Momentum Model
Dale Legan - Indicators (For TS)
DavidWrightSPOON for OR
Day Care System for OR
Delta Phenomenon TS4
Dennis Meyers Short Term Indicators v 2 and Long Term v 4and 5
DMark Key System (For TS)
Dmi for ts
DualThrust (For TS)
Entry Point 2.2
EntryPoint 2.2 (For TS4)
EntryPoint2000i for OR
EpicDynaTrend2000 for TS2000
Equity Curve Ind for OR
ETS Trading System for OR
Genetic Trader for Futures - OR
Genetic Trader for Stock - OR
Global Pro system for ts4
Greg Morris for OR
Gunslinger for OR
Gunslinger2 (for TS)
Hit and Run 1&2
Insight for OR
J Curtis
Jack Schwager
Jan Arps Swing Box for OR
Jeff Cooper Indicators for ts
Joe Krut's 12 Ultimate Systems for OR
John F. Clayburg - Custom TradeStation Programming for OR
Jurik - JMA, CFB, DDR, VEL, WAV (For TS 2000)
Jurik (For Excel)
Jurik Free Indicators
Larry Williams Inner Circle Indicators
Learn to use Expert Commentary (For TS)
Linear Regression With Calc for OR
Market Analytics Exhaustion Bars for OR
Market Analytics Fractal Toolkit for OR
Market Analytics Ma_Predict for OR
Market Analytics Momentum Toolkit for OR

Market Annihilator System for OR
Market Reactivity System for OR
Mesa 98 v4.1 (use with ts4)
Murrey Math - Indicator (For TS)

Naat 2000 for TS2000
NATT Collection for OR
Omega STAD10
Omega STAD11
Omega STAD4
Omega STAD5
Omega STAD6
Omega STAD7
Omega STAD8
Omega STAD9
PI System for OR
Pinpoint Systems for OR
Plad System for OR~
PlayWave Addon for TS4
Profitability-Test 2.0 for OR
ProSuite Indicator Pkg by Trade Concepts for OR
PSG Sys #1 Intraday for OR
RangeBrk for OR
Reactivity Indicator by Dave DeLuca for OR
Recurrence IV System for OR
Remarkable S & P Trading System v1.3 (For TS)

Ross Hook Indicator for ts
SAFIR-X v.2.5.003
Simplicity System for OR
Spike 35 for OR
Stafford SP Day Trading System
Stenberg Brothers AST Indicators for OR
Street Smart for OR
StreetSmarts book Indicators for ts
Swing Activator System for OR
SwingTrader for OR
The Chandelier Exit for ts
Tim Tillson's T3 Average for OR
Todd Mitchell indicators (For TS)
TomDemark for OR
TomDemark Systems for OR
TradeStation Systems (Pkg's 1 & 2)
(Indicators include: Cycle Trader collection(over 25), ASCTrend(4), ADXRising ETS TSCI (trendwatch, pivotstops,Entry/exit stops,ect. Insight (indicators and paint bars) First Hour Breakout indicator Floor Monitor SuperMACD WOA3 (paint bars, showme, indicators Jakes Bernstein's MA channel RSI Pivot entry, Harmonic Distortion Raschke/Connors - Street Smarts  Gapper> Turtle Soup> Turtle Soup + 1> 80-20's> M Pinball> Anti basic 1> Anti basic 2 > Anti trigger> Anti trigger 1> Holy Grail> ADX Gapper> GapRevMOC> GapRevMOC /HT > UnfilledGapRv> ID / NR4> HV+ID or NR4> S&P/Tick Div> NextOpenAgainst Systems include: *Street Smarts package(ADX Gapper, > Turtle Soup> Turtle Soup + 1> 80-20's> M Pinball> Anti > basic 1> Anti basic 2> Anti trigger> Anti trigger 1> Holy Grail> ADX Gapper> GapRevMOC> > > UnfilledGapRv> ID / NR4> HV+ID or NR4> S&P/Tick Div> NextOpenAgainst * Wisdom of the Ages,  * Creative Breakthrough, Inc. %C-DT SP sytem, * ETS -TSCI * Floor Monitor * Insight Ver 6.0 * Cobra Bond Trader * R&W Master Suite package (Currency Master, StockMaster, ( SPTrader, NYFE Trader,      Bpound Trader, Euro Trader, Yen Trader,  Swiss Trader, Dmark Trader, TBond Trader) *Jake Bernstein (Stochastic Pop, Critical Time of Day, Dual Xaverag *Richard Dennis > Dynamic1 - Dynamic2 *Tushar Chande - New Technical Trader > %F with Moving Average > VIDYA > Qstick > Chande Momentum Oscillator *Thomas DeMark > TD Line 1 > TD Line 3 > RSI Mild > REI Mild > DeMarker *Joe Krutsinger > One Night Stand > Texas Two Step > Quarter Pounder > Fib Catcher > Gap > Jesse Livermore > Test Pattern   *Swatch swiss trader, *Aurora *Wild Wesel (Thomas DeMark Supply Demand system) *Trendline Breakout *1st hour breakout *Tactical WarFare *PeaceMaker   > R-breaker, R-level > Yellow Dragon(Sp day trade), > Momentum Trader  > Catscan II   > SPYglass AM/PM.  > Abberation (Trade Station ver.) > Get it Gold (plus indicator) > Wonder Bars > XE-3 Bonds system > XE-3 SP system > Recurrence IV > Chuck Hughes >Mangeeze)

TradeStation Trading Systems & Indicators Collection
TradeStation Trading Systems & Indicators Collection ( Part 1 )
TradeStation Trading Systems & Indicators Collection ( Part 2 )
Trend StdDev (For TS)
Trend Trader for OR
TSCI - TrendWatch for OR
Ultra 5 Nd System for ts
Variation B of Dynamic Breakout System for OR
Virtual Trader 2.05 (For TS)
Walter Bressert Indicator for OR
Whisper System for OR
William Tell Coffee (Black Box Version) for OR
WonderBars (For TS)

Key: Systems/indicators in yellow background have documentation included with them.

The above Tradestation Trading Systems are $25 each; if you buy 5 or more, the price drops to $15 each, 10 or more $10 each, all 200+ Systems for $250, again payment by Paypal, email for more details on a particular indicator.

ELA_Breaker & OR_Patch & OR_Edit32: 
Purpose : patches Omega Research's TradeStation 4.0 PowerEditor OR_EDIT.EXE
to allow for unlocking password protected indicators, systems and
functions. Original file will be stored as ORG_EDIT.EXE price $25

ELA reference: a comprehensive reference for Easy Language, 360 page PDF doc. Price $25


“ELWAVE now combines the power of Elliott Wave Analysis with scanning capabilities that are without equal. This exciting new software can search for specific Elliott Wave setups. For example, searching for stocks with a positive outlook only or a so called "wave 3 in wave 3" in an up trend, is now easily accomplished using ELWAVEs unique and powerful scanning features.”

Includes complete 213 page electronic manual for version 5.0, e-book "Elliot Wave theory explained" and Trading course.

Price $175

Walter Bressert's online seminar $100

Walter Bressert CD workshop $100

Walter Bressert S&P intra-day $150

The Cycle Trading Pattern Manual $50

All 4 above $300

Gann Trader 3.007

“This is the only software we have seen that conforms completely to Mr. Gann's guidelines for creating charts, properly squaring price and time, setting Gann angles, proper placement of planetary lines on charts and more. It also includes a number of options not necessarily used by Mr. Gann” -

Price $100

Bill Williams New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds and Commodities: Complete EBOOK

Profitability-Test V 2.0 of the clearly defined Trading-Rules in the book

Price $35

Advanced Get EOD Version 7.6:

"Advanced GET offers the most comprehensive set of technical analysis tools that you will ever find in one package. Although Elliott Wave analysis has been Advanced GET's claim to fame, it is not the only thing that Advanced GET excels in. Advanced GET automatically provides price projections showing the most likely price range that a wave will reach. Advanced GET calculates GANN angles based on a predefined set of ratios and then allows you to place them on the chart. The Advanced GET computerized model can be used to set up mechanical trading approaches. We base much of our materials on 2 such approaches.The angles in the GANN Box provide support and resistance areas for the market for both time and price."

Retails at $2750

Our price $275

Dynamic Trader 3.0 build 60

"While a few software programs purporting to provide dynamic time and price projection routines have been offered to the public in recent years, each has failed to include the critical elements that provide accurate and useful time and price projection information that may be practically applied by the trader. This is probably because these other programs included many routines that were not developed by or actually used by the program developers."

"Now, for the first time, traders and investors may go directly to the originator of comprehensive and practical dynamic market analysis we call Dynamic Trading that so many others have tried to copy. With the release of the Dynamic Trader Software and Trading Course - Version3, traders and investors will have a single source of education and application of the unique principals of dynamic market analysis. None of the critical elements have been left out."

"Robert Miner’s Dynamic Trader software not only provides a comprehensive charting package, but includes Miner’s unique time and price projection routines that no other software is capable of performing. Included with the software program is the Dynamic Trader Trading Course. This trading course is simply the most comprehensive material available for traders and investors."

"For a comprehensive review of this program and trading course, download the Dynamic Trader Version 3 Bookletfrom"

With the software, you also get the complete course, manual/user guide and trading examples.

Our price: $225

WinWaves 32 version 1.3.3

"How WinWaves 32 can help you predict the market correctly more than 90% of the time, guaranteed:

our price $150

NeuroForecaster and GENETICA 7.2

"NeuroForecaster/GA is an advanced, user-friendly forecasting tool which combines the automatic learning capability of neural networks and the search and optimization capabilities of genetic algorithms within an integrated interface. It excels at time-series forecasting, cross-sectional classification and indicator analysis VisuaData is a data preprocessor designed for the trading professionals. It generates over 100 new and traditional technical indicators such as average directional movement (Adx), adaptive moving averages, Bollinger Bands, commodity channel index (Cci), momentums, money flow index, on-balance volume (Obv), price-volume trend and many others. Indicators can be generated easily and ready for use for neural net computing.

Select is a stock market scanner and filter for stock selection. It provides cross-sectional analysis based on stocks' alphas and betas, buy/sell signals and other conditions for stock ranking and selection or further analysis."

Price $50

Money Manager 2000

"Money Manager 2000 allows traders to apply money, scaling and equity management strategies to maximize profits while controlling trading risk. TradeStation may tell when to buy and sell, Money Manager 2000, however, tells you how much to trade. Money Manager 2000 explains exactly how to implement the strategy, what to do during and after each trade and even compares trading performance before and after applying a strategy. Now you can use a variety of money, scaling and equity management strategies to improve trading performance without having to reprogram your trading systems. No other money management software can compare to Money Manager 2000's seamless integration with TradeStation. New features include:

Apply money management strategies to a basket of markets with the simple click of a button to generate profitable portfolio level strategies.

Optimize a money management strategy across inputs and markets to find profitable portfolio combinations and rank them by performance measures that are important to you for easy analysis.

Powerful portfolio editing capabilities for seamless integration with our Performance Suite.

Test several new strategies including the Kelly Strategy, Constant Leverage, Fractional Volatility, Fixed Fractional with Largest Loss, and the VAMI Adjusted Shares Strategy.

Supports XML format for easy importing and exporting of data."

Retail $1,995

Our price $195

Portfolio Evaluator 2000 ver 2000 build 0115

"Did you ever want to be able to open a portfolio of any size in TradeStation and then update and generate a new portoflio with the single click of a button. Portfolio Evaluator's new Refresh capability is the state-of-the-art in portfolio building and automation so you will never have to spend countless hours clicking in TradeStation to update the portfolios you have created. "

"Portfolio Evaluator 2000 gives you the power to create and historically test portfolios of trading systems and markets, revealing trading combinations that have superior performance and are more profitable. In addition, Portfolio Evaluator works seamlessly with both TradeStation 2000i & Version 4. Using Portfolio Evaluator is as simple as the click of the bullseye icon in the TradeStation system report. Portfolio Evaluator 2000's enhanced capabilities!"

New Features Include:

Our price $150

Rina's Secure f calculator

Price $50

Rina's 3D SmartView

Price $100

3D SmartView 2000 for TradeStation®:

"Introducing the Next Generation of State-of-the-Art Optimization Software! 3D SmartView 2000 gives you the power to determine the robustness of any trading system. It identifies system input values that offer the most robust trading performance relative to risk. 3D SmartView 2000 is an essential tool for system analysis and development. Using 3D SmartView 2000 will reveal trading inputs that have superior performance for trading over the long run.

3D Smartview 2000 allows serious traders to evaluate optimization results in an effort to employ appropriate parameter settings that produce impressive trading results across multiple performance measures."

"In addition, 3D SmartView 2000 works seamlessly with both TradeStation 2000i and Version 4. Using 3D SmartView 2000 is as simple as a click of a button.Now you can enjoy these

3D SmartView 2000 capabilities!"

"Optimization analysis with more than 15 different graphing outputs, including Net Profit, Profit Factor, Maximum Drawdown, and many more. Color Analysis is applied to graphs in order to determine areas of robustness. This eliminates user interpretation. An optimization data report complete with sorting and constraint capabilities. Users can customize robustness and sensitivity over a variety of parameter settings. Graphs can be rotated to view trading performance from a variety of angles. Graphing capabilities with up to five separate optimization variables. Work in a user-friendly Windows environment with the assistance of an instructional help file."

Price $100


57 page Word doc.

Price $25

Metastock addon products:

Martin Pring Metastock CDs:

Omnitrader 2001 REALTIME with complete online manual/guidebook, CD key and permanent registration with customer number. Price $250.

Pattern Smasher version 2.06A

How would you like to have a program that could not only let you define candlesticks and fibonacci-type relationships, but would also allow you to define more complex patterns that are virtually untouched by most technical analysis software, like Head and Shoulders, Triangles, Island Reversals, and whatever else comes to your mind? With pattern Smasher, you can scan through entire databases and have a list of securities that show your favorite chart patterns, including Head and Shoulders tops and bottoms, Symmetrical triangles, Candlestick formations and virtually any other pattern. AMAZING STUFF. Comes with complete e-manual and 8 lessons showing how to write your own patterns!

Essential software for anyone who trades off classical chart patterns or if you want to see if patterns actually work.

Retail price is $1,895

Our price $175

TradeAdvisor2 the Millennium Edition

TradeAdvisor individually scans each issue in each predefined end-of-day Metastock directory looking for current Elliott waves. When a current wave is found, the program performs a series of layered technical analysis calculations using candlesticks, Fibonacci ratios and pivots to determine wave directions, breakouts and three levels of projections. The program reports the results of its analysis in expert graphic form, market summary reports and plain English Trade Alerts.

Retail $999 Our price $150

NeuroShell® DayTrader Professional 3.01

A study on the accuracy of using Neural networks in forecasting financial markets found that a neural network that achieved a 93.3 percent probability of predicting a market rise, and an 88.07 percent probability of predicting a market drop in the S&P500. NeuroShell Trader is trading software that allows you to build sophisticated trading systems that combine traditional analysis techniques with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence including fast neural network software for predictions efficient genetic algorithm software for optimizing trading rules and indicators all nicely integrated in one package providing with over 700 technical indicators, "NeuroShell Trader Professional has eliminated or hidden most of the messy work of using neural nets for traders: data transformation and preparation, application of indicators, graphics, and all of the internal computations and construction of neural nets. ... The final word? NeuroShell Trader Professional is the best thing on the market for someone who needs an objective mechanism to construct relationships among trading's many variables." - Stuart Evens and John Sweeney, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, January 2000.

Retail pricing: NeuroShell® DayTrader Professional 3.01 $2295.00 Our Price: $295

NeuroShell Trader® Professional 3.01 $1395.00 Our Price: $195


"Grabs huge amounts of data, cuts it upto 10 levels of wave degree, expands or contracts your view of it, displays the rules of the patterns you're examining, graphs the whole thing together with conventionalindicators, and gives out trading alerts as the data comes in, whether its in realtime or intra day. And its incredibly easy to use." - John Sweeney, editor, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Modules included: Basic, Intraday, Automatic, Trading signals, Target Clusters. Our price for ELWAVE 5.1 with all of the above modules: $195 only. Includes complete 213 page electronic manual and ebook "Elliot Wave theory explained".

Investors Dream Ver 7.79.0

Investor's Dream is an advanced analysis and charting application for Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000 that displays the primary indicators and signals used by Bill Williams and the Profitunity Trading Group.

Investor's Dream can be used for trading stocks, futures and indices. "Bill has captured a career's work in a single package. This program puts the power of a brilliant researcher, teacher, and trader at your fingertips and it is user friendly. Chaos has been tamed! If you are serious about being a successful trader, Investor's Dream may be your dream come true." - Glen Ring, Industry Analyst, Iowa, USA Investors Dream 7.79.0

Our Price $99

Fibonacci/Galactic Trader Ver 3.08 R52

GALACTIC TRADER COMBINED WITH FIBONACCI TRADER SOFTWARE - Combine Planetary tools with the only program operating in a Multiple Time Frames setup. Has 36 regular indicators PLUS more than 15 Exclusive Fibonacci based Proprietary Indicators that make this state-of-the-art computer software unique in the trading world. Now used on all 5 continents and compatible with most data vendors. New W. D. Gann Swing Techniques and trading plan is provided with the program. With complete emanual.

Retail Prices

End of Day Software $2110.00

Real Time Software $2782.00

Our price $125

MarketWarrior Version 1.3 Release 20 Build 20

MarketWarrior is a new program for performing a new type of financial analysis named Cross Time Frame Analysis. Cross Time Frame Analysis is an approach to financial analysis which involves crossing price bar charts of one time frame with indicators and patterns of higher time frames.

Retail price $399

Our price $125

Free Data!

for Metastock, TradeStation, Supercharts, Window on Wall Street, AIQ, OmniTrader!

Why pay for your EOD data when you can get it for free? this program fetches the data from Yahoo finance and updates your analysis program; there is no monthly fee, but there is a one time licensing fee. Free 21 day trial at


Please email me with your order and I will send an invoice by email, multiple purchases qualify for discounts. As always, all software sold is guaranteed to work, and I will help you with installation and setting up on your computer. If the CD I send has not reached you in 10 days time, I will send free replacement, no questions.

Shippping: $5 extra for normal shipping, $25 extra for guaranteed courier shipping via DHL/Aramex.

Dozens of satisfied customers, references available.