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trading swats group

Had a visit from Steve in this group. My butt is a little warm. But his butt is a lot warmer. I'll let him tell you. He traveled quite a distance to get his ass pounded. I think I gave him memories.

Steve writes:

As bill alluded to, he & I had a session today. I drove 2 1/2 hours including through Chicago traffic for my first "Tradingswats" session.

I didn't know what to expect in trading swats as I have alway been mostly the bottom. But, I soon learned that paddles have a way of communicating right through the jeans and unders! [3] paddles were broken today!

Bill had the 'advantage' for quite awhile b/c I was gentle at first but then I got the hang of it and quiet Bill did say "oh" a couple of times but nothing compared to my shouts of anguish! I am vocal.

While driving home I stopped for supper & gas. Guess it took a couple of hours for the effect to "soak in" b/c sitting down in the dining chair then scooting back in the car was a sore reminder of the afternoon's activity.

Seriously, Bill is a cool guy. Hope many of you will choose to trade swats with him in the near future.


I already let you know that I'd let Steve give his interpretation of our afternoon paddle exchange. Not sure how accurate his details are since I don't think he knows north from south. Of course, I'm not sure if he's talking about geography or anatomy. I definitely live north of him where we had a warm afternoon. Of course, it was south on his anatomy where I think he got plenty warm. Steve is a pleasant young man, quite boyish for his years. And like most boys needs to be kept in line. He may scream that it hurts when you lay the paddle on, but but the big grin seems to be an invitation to lay it on harder. He did take some good hard swats. Unbelievably three paddles bit the dust. Two that I had been using for a long time. One that I had made myself 1 inch thick and 4 inches wide with holes. One long crack diagonally across the whole thing as I laid it across his ass. And Old Blue is gone. I've been using Old Blue like forever, big old round plywood paddle ball paddle made the greatest noise. It's had it's last hurrah. Steve in his generous spirit to console me probably gave me the one paddle he brought with him. A jakari paddle, Wow! The real thing. It is a wonderful piece, and it does a wonderful job. Would be very happy to show any of you. As Steve says I hope many of you choose to trade swats with me. But like I said, the Steve don't know north from south, the Bill ain't cool. And did the Steve learn why Bill does this stuff?


A bit of Clarification:

Yes Of course I know North from South! I'm a farm boy! I had to travel North on I-55 through the Chicago jungle to get there. No I was not confused. YES I was talking about the Southern anatomy.

YES I did feel sympathy for those little wimpy paddles & left you a real paddle. I hope it finds many appreciative targets.

YES Bill is a cool guy! But, he can have a mean (very warm) swing when he wants to.

NO I didn't figure out why Bill does this. I don't know why I do this!

? I think Bill needs about 5 good WHACKS for his misinterpretation. Who wants to be the next