Churches and Tombstones

Of Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada

Updated December 16, 2001


      as of march 09, 2001

Welcome to my website this has been created with a lot

of hard work time, and love.  My hope for this website is

to share the photo’s of this area with everyone who has

always wished to come here but has not had the means,

or is not healthy enough to travel to this part of the

country but has ancestors  in my area and had always

wished to come here to see them.  Enjoy and come

back again.


In Kings County there are 15 parishes.  I am changing

the format as of December 2001. To be able to look by

parish for which cemetery & church photo you

would like to see.  Just to let you all know I do have

more photo’s to scan  hopefully soon I will be doing

this if time lets me.  (remember I do work full-time

and am the mother of 3 – 9,11 and 14.  So please

bear with me.  Also, if you have photo’s taken that

are scanned or saved to disc this would be easier

and faster to help this project. To send your pictures

please have them scanned and saved to disc.  I

have about 100+ photo’s  to scan.  Discs can be

mailed to me at:

Church & Tombstone Photo’s

190 Church Ave, Sussex, NB  E4E 1Z5


Thank you for any assistance.

Please note the parish with the** is in

need of photo’s and is under construction.

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Links to others websites with Tombstones in Kings Co. 

Let me know if you have a website for this area in NB that you would like to share. Contact me

Funeral Homes for New Brunswick - Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island that are on-line, If anyone know of more online please contact me.

·        The Grave of Samuel Parks, his wife Ann Hunter Parks and their children, William Parks and Sarah Parks, Blagdon Cemetery, Nerepis

·        Tombstones in the Kingston Peninsula area


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